Home Happenings: The Range and BrandAlley Haul

Evans Lichfield Alphabet Cushions
£12 each
These are the cushions I ordered in February and received in May. I still can't believe it took that long to get them from BrandAlley but at least I'm happy with them. A bit cheesy and a bit more expensive than Matalan but they're really good quality and a nice size. Now just to decide where they'll go in my house.

4 Storage Boxes
If you follow me on Instagram you'll see I meal prep. I make my lunches on Sunday night for the week and that way I can have yummy, big salads every day at work. Looking ahead to getting my own house I wanted to make sure I can keep up my good habits and these boxes from The Range were a good price and really good quality. I like how big they are too, no danger of me starving.

Slimline Kitchen Scale
Talking about meal prep and healthy eating being able to weigh out certain food is quite important and I find my parents' kitchen standard scales to be not so accurate and a bit tricky to read. This slim, electronic scales will be easy to store and will mean I definitely know how much food I'm using or eating. 

After browsing Ikea recently I came to realise there's quite strict criteria for the coffee, tea and sugar jars for our house. I was quite happy with any but I was told it had to be a screw top, they had to match and they had to be a certain size. Sticking to this seemed like it wasn't going to be cheap but thankfully this set from The Range fit the bill and I was given permission to buy them. As long as he's happy!

What's the longest you've had to wait for a delivery from an online store?
Where's your favourite homeware shop for good old essentials like boxes?

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