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Home Happenings: H&M Home

My email inbox is packed full of fashion websites updating me about their latest products but more and more recently I've been noticing the homeware websites sneaking in too. H&M isn't a website I look on very often but after a sneak peak of their new home arrivals I was soon browsing all the categories and making myself a wishlist.

This gorgeous, bright Fleece Blanket was the first thing from the new arrivals section that caught my eye. Floral print and teal colours it's a lovely alternative to my checked throw for the summer There's tons of different Cushion Covers  and this one jumped out at me. The metallic letters and upbeat quote make it quite fun for throwing on the couch or on the bed in a spare room. At that price it's easy and affordable to change them round from season to season. After my Mum's birthday I realised just how important vases are and getting different styles, that are high quality, without having to pay loads of money isn't actually that easy so I was quite impressed by this pink Glass Vase. I think it's cheaper than what you can find at Home Bargains! Onto the kitchen and H and M has a real mixture of fun, girly and classic items. The Tea Towel put a smile on my face whereas the Chopping Board looks a lot more expensive than it is. I suppose if I didn't use it as a chopping board I could always use it for blog post backgrounds! Lastly the Notice Board which I found in the kids section but I'd definitely use in the kitchen or near all my work stuff. 

Have you shopped in the H&M home section?
Does anyone know if they've improved their delivery service?


  1. I really like that pillow - such a positive message :)

    Helen x

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