Getting Creative: Summer Wardrobe

This summer promises to be a hot one (or so they say), so staying cool and looking hot is mostly definitely back in season once again! If you have been following the latest trends and fashions then you may already have a good idea of what you want to wear this year. But guess what? Forget it. All of it. For a slightly different take on how to make a statement this summer, read on. For those of us on a tight budget, swapping out our wardrobes is not always an option. If ever. So what we need is a way to update our wardrobe without actually spending a ton of money
Getting creative is a great way to let loose those creative juices, and this is what takes to update a wardrobe this way.*

Pretty in pastel

Pastels are a good basic staple, and you are bound to have a pastel vest or blouse of some description in your wardrobe. Try pairing this with something white, such as pants or shorts failing that you could wear a short skirt instead. If you don’t feel totally comfortable then pair that with a pair of leggings - just remember that the aim is to keep cool.
If you have a baggy cardigan, then that could be worth a look too. If you like the sound of that option, consider using a belt with a shiny metal buckle to really complete the look.

The cropped jacket

A cropped jacket can be seen as blank canvas, if you don’t mind modifying it a little. Or a lot. The classic cropped jacket can be worn together with just about any outfit, you just need to aware of materials and they might feel in the summer sun.
Keeping certain things in mind like material and heat in mind can certainly help, and denim could be ideal here in that regard.

Slightly oversized shoes

Everyone has a pair of shoes that don’t quite fit because they are the wrong size. If that is the case, then you are in luck. As dainty and perfect as your feet obviously are they are also susceptible to hot weather. By that, I mean feet swell when it is hot.
It is for this reason that larger shoes are a godsend in the heat of a summer’s day. A pair of shoes that were too small now suddenly fit like a glove!

The humble Hijab

Have a browse through a Hijab store and have a look at all the different styles and colours on offer. The Hijab can be worn in a variety of ways, and if you don’t happen to have one then perhaps a brightly coloured scarf?
Light, fashionable and helps to keep you cool? why wouldn’t you? Don’t fooled into thinking that you have to be Muslim to wear an actual Hijab, either. Some rumours just shouldn’t be spread.

Your summer look can be put together using the clothes that you already have, leaving you with some extra cash for those ice cold drinks in the shade - wherever you are!

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