Extended Wear Contact Lenses with Feel Good Contacts

I've not been wearing contact lenses long but I'm totally converted. I've been loving the break from glasses and having perfect vision. I started to get used to putting them in and taking them out. The one thing that bothered me was the thought of taking them out after a few cocktails (and wines... and a few more cocktails). One of my friends suggested extended wear contact lenses. 

Extended wear contact lenses are ones that can be kept in your eye for longer continuous periods of time, including over night and for up to a whole month. The contact lenses is made from material that lets your eye breath and receive enough oxygen to stay healthy and refreshed.

The lenses came in a secure packet full of solution. They're not the easiest to see but they quickly attach to your finger surface. The contact lenses felt sturdier than the monthly ones I had been using before and actually seemed easier to put in. As soon as they were in they felt comfortable and I was ready to do my makeup.

At first I was really wary of rubbing my eye, taking my makeup off and really anything to do with my eyes. I soon started to realise that my contacts were firmly in place. As for sleeping I felt like my eyes were quite blurry when I woke up. It just took a couple of minutes for my eyes to adjust. I found using some eye drops helped clear my eyes quicker.

I'm so glad I've given extended wear lenses a go. It's saving so much time in the morning and at night. I don't need to worry about keeping the lenses stored properly in between. Being able to go to sleep and shower with lenses in and not worry about bloodshot, sore, dry eyes with lenses stuck to them is such a relief. I have found my eyes get a little bit irritated a couple of times but eye drops normally sorts it all out. There's no harm in taking extended wear contact lenses out, storing them in saline solution and giving your eyes a little break. But I keep that for midweek when I'm not taking part in cocktail consumption.

As for Feel Good Contacts, the delivery was amazing. I ordered at half 3 on Friday and the box popped through my letterbox on Saturday at lunchtime. Perfect for if you're not too organised on the contact front. The website is easy to use, has loads of information and if you happen to get stuck the guys on twitter are really helpful. I'd highly recommend checking out Feel Good Contacts if you're looking for affordable contact lenses from lots of different brands.

Are you a glasses-wearer thinking about contact lenses?
Where do you get your contact lenses from?

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