Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

At the start of the month I bought the UK's best selling foundation with high hopes and a discount code. EstÄ“e Lauder's Double Wear foundation has rave reviews galore but with a high price tag I've avoided it for far too long. Sometimes it's worth investing...

There's so many different shades and I settled on 1N2 Ecru after reading up lots on the internet about the different warm tones and cool tones. I'm pretty impressed by the skin tone match. It's not perfect but it does a really good job. It actually looks really natural and the coverage is really amazing - freckles, redness and blemishes are covered up without looking heavy.

I find it applies best with my Nanshy makeup sponge for a hydrated, glowy look or with the Real Techniques Stippling brush for full coverage. You can definitely end up looking cakey or streaky if you're not careful when applying it. Long-wear formulas need to be buffed into the skin to avoid it just sitting on the surface and creasing. You've got to do a little bit of work to get the results you want with this foundation.

There's a lot of reviews which say this foundation is for oily/combination skin. I've got dry, sensitive skin and as long as I use moisturiser before I've had absolutely no problems with  the Double Wear Foundation. My skin never feels dehydrated and trapped. As for longevity, this foundation is renowned for it. It's definitely a good one for long days, nights or special occasions. Right now it's reserved for night out makeup looks, rather than day to day, simply because of the price tag and not needing a flawless look at work. 

Have you tried Double Wear? Do you think it lives up to the hype? What would you vote as the UK's best foundation?

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