Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Gel

Generally my skin is quite well-behaved when it comes to breakouts. My skin is quite dry and clear but when I have a stressful week (which is quite easy as a teacher) I tend to get a few spots and blemishes, especially on my chin. After a Clinique Skin Consultation I was recommended the Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel as spot treatment.

I've tried out my fair share of spot treatments and lots of them working in different ways... or don't work at all. As high end brand this clearing gel is one of the more expensive ones I've tried but with that it's one of the best!

It's a clear gel that can be used directly on blemishes or all over your face if acne is a particular problem for your skin. I use mine before cleansing and applying makeup in the morning and it doesn't affect makeup application at all. I also use it on spots at night before bedtime for those blemishes that seem to appear out of nowhere. It's a really quick working product. Obviously the spot doesn't disappear over night but it definitely helps. It's nice to be able to conceal blemishes easily and for them to fade within a couple of days rather than having a beacon on your face that draws everyones attention!

It's a great product for people who seem to get breakouts at the most inconvenient moments.  If you struggle with dry skin this gel isn't too dehydrating just be wary of how much you use.

Have you had a Clinique skin consultation?
What's your favourite skincare brand? Any product recommendations?

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