A Sneak Peak Into My Classroom

 I've mentioned that I'm a primary school teacher on my blog, twitter and Instagram a few times but it's not something that I've ever posted about before. I thought it would be quite nice to share a few photos from my classroom. It's the room I spend anywhere from 6-9 hours of my day so why not share it with you lot!? It might give fellow teachers some ideas or it might just be nice for some of you to reminisce about your school days.

Our last topic was Disney. The kids absolutely loved it and to be honest so did I. Returning to my Higher Art days I drew the Disney Castle for the children to paint and we made a big display welcoming everyone into our class. The lettering is from the Instant Display website which is absolutely fab.

This is another display from our Disney topic. The children wrote friendship recipes and drew pictures of best friends from Disney stories. There's so much to learn from Disney books and films, I'd highly recommend it as an interdisciplinary topic.

On a recent visit to Ikea I spotted this pop up circus tent. It was only £17 and I thought it would be perfect in my classroom. Right now it's a 'Reading Circus' and it's really got the children into silent reading again.

Our topic at the moment is Holidays- Tourism and Travel. It's a nice way to lead up to the Summer and learn quite a lot of geography. I've made a role play area in my class and right now it's become the Travel Agents. Outside is the Deal of the Day. I had to change this deal from 18 nights at £55 all inclusive in USA to £955 for 8 nights. If only you could get it at their price!

Here's a photo from inside the role play area. It's not the best photo but I love the beach scene that we created on the inside. The big palm tree, bright blue sea and yellow sand looks so inviting. 

Another picture from inside the role play area. It's great seeing the kids playing with a globe and on the laptop. On the walls I've printed lots of posters and maps from Twinkl. That's another teaching resources website that I couldn't live without.

This is Sammy with her suitcase. Sammy is a bear which has come to visit our classroom and help the children learn about the world. Each weekend a child takes Sammy on a mini holiday and they have to take photos of what they get up to and write a little bit. This bear has really caught the children's' imaginations. It's lovely to see them playing with a good old bear and getting along rather than having to have all the latest gadgets.

Last up is a display (another one that features a lot of Twinkl resources) just to prove we do have a little bit of normal learning. You can definitely tell that my class is bright and has a lot going on.

What's your "day" job?
Any other teacher's reading my blog?

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