Why I Love Home Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatments at the salon are so expensive! It seems the price of looking gorgeous continues to climb each year. Fortunately, there are plenty of home treatments you can try. And they claim to be every bit as effective as the professional salon versions! Whether it’s your hair, body or face you want to improve, there is a home based solution. Here are some of the treatments you can try at home today:

Teeth - Your smile is so important. Your teeth are the biggest part of your smile so it’s important to make sure they are as perfect as they can be. Teeth straightening can’t really be tackled at home effectively. But teeth whitening at home is cheap, easy and effective. Most importantly, it’s now safer than ever, meaning your smile can shine whenever you want it to.

Body Hair - As a young woman, I loathe my body hair. It can feel like a continuous battle to tame it. Shaving can cause cuts and infections that leave the skin looking unsightly. While this is the quickest way to smooth the stubble, longer term solutions are preferable for most of us. Home waxing can be messy, but it is also every bit as effective as going to the salon. Epilators are quicker and easier but tend to have that giveaway whirring sound. Laser light hair reduction systems you find in salons are now available at home. They are cheaper than ever before, and widely available online.

Skin - As we get older the 'cleanse and tone' routine becomes less effective at staving away the signs of ageing. It certainly doesn't achieve much for blemishes, scars and other skin marks. Exfoliating goes a long way to smoothing the skin and generating that healthy glow we all crave. Microdermabrasion used to be considered part of the cosmetic surgery family. Until recently it was only available in expensive clinics. Nowadays, you can buy a microdermabrasion machine for private use at home. No more expensive trips to a special salon!

Hair - Hair colouring has been available at home for decades. A few brands have improved the quality of their home kits so that you might find even better results doing it that way. You might not want to cut or trim your own hair, but colouring is certainly easier, cleaner, and less smelly than ever before. Extreme colours are available in plenty of shades, and blondes look salon fresh out of a home packet.

It’s not just the cost of visiting the salon that puts us off. The time it takes to travel there and back can be quite excessive. There can be embarrassment from some treatments too that are enough to stop you leaving the house at all. Home kits and treatments can be done in your own time, whether it’s the evenings or first thing in the morning. No more having to come up with an excuse for your boss to get out of work! They are such good quality for so little money that you might be tempted to give up the salon altogether.

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