The Curse of the Supermarket Haul

I nipped into Tesco to buy a bunch of bananas to keep me going for a couple of days and got lured in by the Curse of the Supermarket. Getting out of that place with just the one thing on my list seemed impossible. I stumbled across a whole selection of reduced stationery and then simply had to make a visit to the clothes section. Thankfully I got a few nice bargains but I was definitely a victim of the curse. I have to say though, the Pret-a-porter stuff looks fab and my new notebook is literally made for to-do lists!

Have you fallen victim to The Curse of the Supermarket?
What's the best bargain you've had from the supermarket that you didn't know you needed?


  1. I miss UK supermarkets so much! A late night wonder around TESCO used to be my favourite rainy day activity haha, I once bagged a pair of dolly shoes for 1p, bargain of the century, and some brogues for 50p even the checkout girl was shocked scanning it through.

    hannah bee


    1. Wow that is crazy! Definitely bargain of the century x