Quirky Gift Ideas for the Girl in Your Life

Buying and giving gifts can be a real joy. If you’re good at buying gifts, receiving them can be a great experience too! However, you don’t want to buy gifts for the sake of it. You should put some real thought and effort into your purchase to ensure you’ve bought the receiver something truly thoughtful and unique. Girls love receiving gifts especially, as it shows them that they’re loved and cared for. With all of this in mind, here are some quirky gift ideas for the girl in your life.

A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
If she likes to take care of herself with a healthy diet, a fruit infuser water bottle could be just the unique gift to buy for her. You can easily make water taste much better by just adding a few pieces of fruit to it, so she’ll love drinking it if she doesn’t already! They make for great Instagram pictures too, so it’s a great gift if she enjoys snapping pics on there.

A Bag Tag Smartphone Charger
We’ve all been in a situation where our phone has run out of battery when we’re out and about. What can we do about it? Get a bag tag smartphone charger! This stylish little tag can be attached to any handbag, and will charge up a smartphone while you’re out doing your thing. It’s one of the most unusual presents for her, yet the most practical. The girl in your life will love you for this; it’s bound to be the best accessory she owns!

Handmade Jewellery
Handmade jewellery has a special meaning behind it, and is much sweeter to give than regular old jewellery that anybody could own. Find a unique, one of a kind jewellery designer if you want something extra special. Better yet, do a workshop for a day and make something yourself!

A Wine Chiller Bag
We all love a glass of the pink stuff from time to time (and sometimes the red/white stuff), so this chiller bag is the perfect accessory. The pattern is funky, and nobody will suspect that the girl in your life is getting sloshed while out at a picnic or a walk. It’s a great way to keep the wine yummy and cool - or any bottle of beverage for that matter!

An Adventure Day
Would you rather make memories with the girl in your life, rather than give her something physical? Then take her on an adventure day! You could do something seriously crazy here, like take her on a skydive or a bungee jump. If you don’t want to do anything too heart attack inducing, you could just go zorbing or go karting. Whatever you decide, make sure she’ll feel comfortable before you hand over your money. If she’s a real girly girl, you don’t want to take her paintballing!

Want more ideas? I have some more tips here. I hope you find the most perfect gift for the girl in your life. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have a Zing Anything fruit infuser and it is the best thing ever. It's a minefield trying to buy gifts for my other half, get tips. Stephen :o)