Nail HQ Protect & Repair and Cuticle Oil Review

From nail art to DIY Shellac, stick on nails to dodgy removal, my nails go through a lot. Taking care of them amongst all that torture isn't easy but thankfully Nail HQ has a new generation of treatments to help nourish and strengthen using ingredients and formulas that won't break the bank. Nail HQ is a brand I've mentioned on my blog before but this time I've been trying out the Cuticle Oil and Protect and Repair polish.

I've never really used a cuticle oil before, it's something that beauticians always use on my nails ( on that very rare occasion that I'm actually getting my nails done by someone else) but I've never really thought about using it myself. This Nail HQ one has jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamins E, A and D3 so lots of moisturising ingredients to help both the nail and cuticle. I found this one to be really moisturising but isn't at all greasy after it absorbs in. I'm quite enjoying using it and I'm starting to see a different in my cuticles, which I didn't really think would happen.

Protect and Repair is in their nail care line and is packed full ingredients that go completely over my head. The important part is it's ability to hydrate, moisturise and condition after gel and acrylic nails which is definitely something Ive been on the look out for. It's a clear polish which you only need one coat off to kick start the treatment. In the days following it you can reapply on top until you start to see a difference. I used it for the 5 days recommended before removing it and I was really happy with how my nails looked and felt. It's a good product for giving your nails a break and returning them back to full health.

Available to get from Superdrug, Tesco, Fragrance Direct and Bodycare, and all under £8 they're easy to get a hold of and pretty good value for a nail pamper.

Have you tried any of the Nail HQ products?
What do you use to keep your nails healthy?

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