Minute Manicure from Primark

PS Love Natural Point Nails
£1 from Primark

I love the polished look of a French manicure but doing one yourself can take ages and needs a steady hand. I didn't have much time to do my nails before a night out so turned to some fake nails from Primark. Unfortunately the glue in the pack is rubbish so I used some Elegant Touch nail glue instead. Inside the pack of 24 there's loads of different sizes, ones that are sure to fit. Once all 10 nails were set out it took barely any time at all to get them all stuck in place. Even better, they staying in place through the whole night and even survived for the next 5 days. So many people commented on them, and loads didn't realise they weren't actually mine!

Is there a day you seem to normally do your nails? 
Have you tried any of Primark's fake nails?

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  1. I wonder if they have changed the glue, then. I wear their French-squared nails and use the glue that come with them. It sticks just fine, they last a week.