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May Empties

You can tell it's a good product when you cut it open to get every last bit of product out. This is a good concealer for blemishes, has a good colour range and is really affordable. I'll probably buy this again when I've finished up the rest of my concealers.

This mascara should have been thrown out a long time ago, I've had it far too long but don't use it any more- it's about time I have a makeup clear out. When I first bought this mascara I used it daily and really liked it. It's a good drugstore mascara but I'm not sure I'll buy it again anytime soon. I'm pretty keen on the Benefit mascaras.

I can't believe how long this travel sized bronzer lasted! I used it loads and it was such a good size for putting in a  makeup bag. I've already moved onto a full size version and goodness knows how long it will last with 5g more product! This is officially my favourite bronzer.

This 1 litre bottle of shampoo was an absolute bargain from TK Maxx and I've got my fingers crossed that I can stumble across another one. Joico is a great brand with really high quality products. This K-Pak shampoo always left my hair feeling clean and healthy.  

PS Love Primark Natural Point Nails
Although there's 24 nails in this set I've only be able to use it once as the sizes that are left don't make another full set for my nail size. Bit of a pain, but at £1 it's no big deal. You can see these nails in action in yesterdays post.

I quite liked the Pixie Lott Batiste, the scent wasn't too strong or artificial. I feel like I got through this bottle quite quickly though, I was a bit surprised when it was done. I'd buy this one again but tend to only get them when they're on offer.

When I first started using this lip balm I wasn't too sure about the milk and honey flavour but I grew to like the scent and taste. Nivea know how to make good lip balms! Apparently this one has been discontinued now which is a shame, maybe I'll try one of the other flavours  next time instead.

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