Home Happenings Haul: Asda, Ikea & Primark

You'd think buy now we'd be a bit closer to buying a house after making our mission for 2015 to buy our first home but unfortunately we're still searching. At the same time I'm still hunting for homeware items that I can store away for the future. It's getting to the point when there's not much more I can buy due to storage space and knowing how big each room will be and what it will be decorated like. This month's purchases are all very budget friendly and decor neutral.

George at Asda
Glitter Soap Despenser: £8
Glitter Tumbler: £5

Cutlery Set: £1.45

Glasses: 50p each

Bath Towels: £3.80
Hand Towels: £2.80
Face Cloths: £1.30

Tea Towels: £3.50

Where's your favourite place for homeware bargains?

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