Holiday Bucket List: Guernsey

I am a real travel lover and enjoy nothing more than packing my suitcase, hoping on a plane and jetting off to a new destination. As long as I have my makeup bag with me, of course.
One place I have always fancied visiting is Gurnsey. I’m not too sure what to expect from it, but would really love to go. I am hoping to plan a trip to Guernsey later this summer, so I thought I would do some research and share it with you. Here’s what I found out about the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey:

Guernsey is English
It’s an odd one, while Gurnsey is English, it doesn’t belong to the UK. The Channel Islands, Guernsey included, are what’s called British Crown Dependencies. Anyway, enough of the facts, onto what you can expect.
What I have gathered from people who have been to Guernsey is that it somewhat resembles a quaint English village. How amazing does that sound? I am a real country lover and love anything quaint.

Guernsey is also French
Okay, so here’s where it gets confusing. Guernsey might be an English island, but it is actually much closer to France than it is the UK.
The best thing about this is the fact that as well as having a quaint English feel to it, Guernsey also have many French cafes. According to a friend who recently visited the island, being in Guernsey feels like having the best of both worlds. You get the beautiful English countryside combined with the delicious French pastries and cakes.

Le Petit Cafe
Of all the French cafes in Guernsey, Le Petit Cafe is the most popular, or so I have been told. This cute French cafe serves an amazing range of food, including lots of yummy traditional French dishes.
This is somewhere that anyone planning a trip to Guernsey really has to visit, I know I will be. I’m hoping to bring my family along to - this place would be perfect for a family brunch. Many of my friends prefer to travel a little further afield than Guernsey, but I think that family holidays in the UK are fantastic.

The sunsets are incredible
The sunsets in Guernsey are stunning, they really do look like the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

cobo bay.jpg

I’ve been told that the best place to watch the sunset in Guernsey is at Cobo Bay, on the island's west coast. I have also been told that Cobo Bay is renowned for it’s amazing fish and chip shop - somewhere I cannot wait to visit.

The climate
It might not be Spain, but Guernsey gets warmer weather than UK, making it the ideal destination for a summer vacation.
With a warm sunny climate, Guernsey is the perfect place to catch a tan. Especially, when lying on one of the islands stunning beaches. The best thing about visiting Guernsey is that it won’t get too hot - unlike when you travel to central Europe and just want to melt.

Where have you got on your travel bucket list that isn't too far from home?

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