Fitness Friday: Graze Low Calorie Snacks

I'm sure you've heard of Graze boxes before. If not you must not ordered anything from Amazon - the last 5 of my orders have all come with a Graze discount code! Graze is a nutritious snack box that delivers anywhere in the UK. With lots of different boxes available including protein, low sugar, occasional treat and sharing boxes, I went for a Light Box because all of the snacks are less than 150 calories.  

Inside my box...

Mango Chutney- I was a bit hesitant to try the mango chutney but it was actually really tasty. The little crisps were so tasty, I only ate about half of the chutney though. This snack is only 80 calories.

Triple Berry Smoothie - A little mix of some of my favourites - strawberries, banana, blueberries and cranberries. It was a nice little on the go snack but I definitely prefer fresh fruit. This one is 116 calories.

The British Barbecue - This was the snack I was least excited for. I don't really eat nuts or seeds and I suppose that's one of the things about Graze - giving you the chance to try something new. Turns out I quite liked the little basil baguettes and crisp style savoury snacks and the nuts were quite tasty. I wasn't struck on the seeds and ended up passing them onto my boyfriend. The whole punnet is 122 calories.

The Graze Brownie - This was the one I was most excited for. I love brownies and being able to have one without feeling too guilty is even more appealing. This punnet is 110 calories. It was really good and enough of a sweet treat to tackle any sweet cravings.

I like that you get the chance to try out some new snacks, or if you're particularly picky you can narrow your options right down. There was quite a few options I ticked 'bin' on from the beginning as I didn't want to be disappointed by the whole box. The Graze box fits through the letterbox so no dreaded red slip and with free delivery you don't have to pay over the odds. Overall none of the snacks went to waste and each one worked out at £1 each. This isn't too bad if you're trying to replace unhealthy on-the-go snacks but if you're used to healthy snacks like fruit and veg then it can work out as an expensive week. I might try some of the other boxes with a discount code or as a treat but I don't think I'll be signing up.

Have you tried Graze? Or any other food subscriptions?

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