Fitness Friday: Be Body Beautiful Review

Be Body Beautiful: My Guide to a Healthy, Happy New You

There's no denying that Lucy Mecklenburgh has an amazing figure and the success of her business, Results with Lucy, has been an inspiration for so many. I tried it out but found the subscription options didn't suit me 100%. I thought a good compromise would be reading her book Be Body Beautiful. Intrigued by the six week diet and fitness plan I was eager to read all about her transformation.

The book is quite big, it's bigger than A5 but not quite A4 and has 287 pages. It's not a chapter book that you're going to read from start to finish. The book could easily be described as a coffee table book - one of those books that you just pick up and read random parts. I've heard other girls call it their bible. Built up of 7 different chapters there's everything from Lucy's story with pictures to at-home exercise ideas. 

The book starts (and ends) with a fair chunk of information about Lucy. It's personal and interesting to TOWIE fans but if you couldn't care less you'll not be too impressed with the beginning. If you're expecting lots of different recipes you'd be better trying something different. The recipes are limited though some sound delicious. I've tried quite a few of them and have been happy with the results. I'm looking forward to trying the Avocado, Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse next. I'm a big fan of Chapter 6 - Transform. The 6 week challenge has some great combinations of exercises with clear instructions which have really helped with my form. It's not as fun and fast paced as doing a workout video but it's a good guide to help you out. The chapter that I think it's great but really difficult to follow (either due to budget or general life limitations (work!)) is Nourish. It's a really detailed 6 week programme of detoxing and repairing. I'd quite like to try it out, or at least try some of it.

So the book over all be followed to every last detail but it's definitely given me some inspiration with regards to recipes, exercises and lifestyle. If you fancy having a closer look I can highly recommend going for the book rather than kindle version - cheaper and much easier to dip in and out of.

What do you think about Lucy Mecklenburgh's results and business?
What's your biggest inspiration or motivator?

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