Bed Head Blonde Therapy Review

It almost goes without saying, dyed blonde hair needs some extra special care. I don't have this bright blonde hair naturally, and I don't achieve the straight hair or curls without a bit of added heat. All of this puts some added strain on my hair. TIGI Bed Head Blonde Therapy knows how it is and is made with lots of nourishing ingredients to help strengthen and protect.

First of all, this shampoo and conditioner set from smells amazing. Both reconstructing products are bright yellow, thick and smell of sherbet- super sweet. I think I'd be tempted to use this purely for the scent, even if it was rubbish. Thankfully, it's a good one. The shampoo doesn't lather very much so it can feel like your hair is left feeling a bit dry and unsatisfied. But they do say that ingredients that create lather are actually bad for your hair so perhaps TIGI have been clever about this one. The shampoo always leaves my hair feeling clean, stronger, healthier and a little bit more manageable. 

It's not a purple shampoo but it does a good job of keeping the brassy tones at bay. My hair looks shiny, healthy and a beautiful blonde tone. It certainly does a good job of being a blonde hair product - I'm loving it. As for the reconstructing conditioner - I can't see past it. It's fantastic, the perfect follow up to the shampoo and works as an everyday conditioner or treatment. It doesn't affect the colour of my hair in the same way as the shampoo so I'd recommend it to anyone who needs to give their hair a little bit of love.

The packaging of this Blonde Therapy set makes it perfect for a gift. As for the purple bottle and holographic label, they'll look fab sitting in my shower. I love pump style bottles, they're really convenient to use and make me feel like I'm in a hairdressers. They're a bit of a pain when you're coming to the end of the product but this shampoo is worth a little bit of work!

Depending on where you're looking TIGI products can be pretty expensive, but from it's a good deal so it's definitely worth checking out. 

What high-end hair brands do you love?
Does the scent of a product influence your opinion?

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  1. I agree, there are beauty products that are worth it even if that means paying more than usual. When you're blonde, you need to provide extra care for your hair and it is great that there are already products that work according to your needs.