Anatomicals Mattifying Face Mask Review

If the thought of summer has got you worried about your skin then you might want to check out this little bargain. This mattifying face mask (with pretty cool Grease musical-eque name) helps regulate excess oil to prevent that dreaded shiny looking complexion. This 10 minute face mask has wheat protein ingredients which helps revitalise your skin leaving it bright, and healthy. I might even be ready for makeup free skin! 

As a bright green face mask, it felt very slumber party style, and even had enough for two applications in one sachet. Perfect to share with a bestie or trick a boyfriend with. 

I'll be tempted to add an Anatomicals face mask or two the next time I'm ordering clothes from ASOS or Top Shop - convenience at it's finest.

What's your summer skin worries?

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  1. I've been using this as a treat at the weekends for a while now - really like it :)