A Guide To Glamping Fashion

This summer, I thought I would take a holiday with a difference, so I decided to plan a group glamping trip with the girls. For anyone who doesn’t know what ‘glamping’ is, it’s glamorous camping. Imagine staying in a gorgeous marquee-style tent, with real wood floors and stylish furniture. That’s what you can expect from glamping. You get all the home comforts that you could possibly need, with the bonus of having the countryside right outside.
As part of my preparation for our much-anticipated, glamping trip, me, and the girls have been working out what to pack. As none of us has ever been glamping or camping before, it’s a little tricky knowing what to pack. However, here are a few things we have taken into consideration so far...

The weather
Obviously, in the summer you expect the weather to be lovely and warm, but sadly that isn’t always the case. So it pays to be prepared. The key to having a successful and comfortable glamping trip is packing items for both hot and cold weather conditions. Of course, as well as packing the essential items, it’s also important to dress the part. Well, to me and the girls it is. For glamping fashion, we have all agreed that the way to go is a mixture between summer fashion and festival style. Items, like cropped tops, denim shorts, and, of course, flower headbands, are key.

At Night, Temperatures Drop
Okay, so I’ve already mentioned the importance of packing for all weather, but it’s important to realize just how cold it can get. Regardless of whether the daytime is hot, at night, temperatures can really drop. The key to keeping warm at night is a) having a campfire, and b) packing lots of cozy jumpers and sweaters. Woollen jumpers and aran sweaters are two of the best items for glamping, as they are so warm. You can pick up Aran Sweaters from http://aransweatersdirect.com/ and woollen sweaters from any high street store.

The Effects On Your Hair and Skin
You may not have even considered it, but spending so much time out in the elements can affect the health of your skin and hair. So unless you want to spend your trip with wild hair, dry skin, and chapped lips, packing all your beauty essentials is a must.
What we did, was consider the scenarios that might unfold on the trip and what products we would need to deal with them.  Along with the basics - shampoo, face wipes, deodorant, think about what else you will need. My top tip would be, pack a rich moisturizer and lip balm, ideally with an SPF factor, to keep your skin in good condition. Also, taking a deep moisturizing hair conditioning mask is also a good idea, especially if you hair is prone to splitting.

Going on a glamping trip can be a lot of fun - I am certainly looking forward to mine, as long as you pack the essentials. If I had to choose just three items to take with me, they would be a moisturizer, a warm jumper and, of course, my wellies.

Are you a camper or a glamper?

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