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Outfits of the Week: May #5

Dress: New Look
Bandeau: Primark
Belt: Primark
Shoes: New Look

T-shirt: New look
Jeans: River Island
Boots: New Look
Necklace: Primark

Top: Primark
Cardigan: BANK Fashion
Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Primark

Dress: Cutie at New Look
Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Belt: Primark

Dress: H and M
Kimono: 915 Generation at New Look
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Primark

Wish, Want, Need: Dresslink Fashion

The last few weeks before a holiday are so expensive; between ordering the right currency, paying off the holiday and trying to update your summer wardrobe with some new bits and pieces. Now that my Euros are their way to me I started to think about getting some bright and floral clothes to fill in some gaps. I was pretty chuffed to come across Dresslink, an online website based in China with pretty impressive prices. They've got so many things similar to high street styles, I'm hoping that some of the things on my wishlist might end up in my suitcase in a couple of weeks time.

Have you ever ordered from Dresslink?
What's your pre-holiday money saving tips?

May Empties

You can tell it's a good product when you cut it open to get every last bit of product out. This is a good concealer for blemishes, has a good colour range and is really affordable. I'll probably buy this again when I've finished up the rest of my concealers.

This mascara should have been thrown out a long time ago, I've had it far too long but don't use it any more- it's about time I have a makeup clear out. When I first bought this mascara I used it daily and really liked it. It's a good drugstore mascara but I'm not sure I'll buy it again anytime soon. I'm pretty keen on the Benefit mascaras.

I can't believe how long this travel sized bronzer lasted! I used it loads and it was such a good size for putting in a  makeup bag. I've already moved onto a full size version and goodness knows how long it will last with 5g more product! This is officially my favourite bronzer.

This 1 litre bottle of shampoo was an absolute bargain from TK Maxx and I've got my fingers crossed that I can stumble across another one. Joico is a great brand with really high quality products. This K-Pak shampoo always left my hair feeling clean and healthy.  

PS Love Primark Natural Point Nails
Although there's 24 nails in this set I've only be able to use it once as the sizes that are left don't make another full set for my nail size. Bit of a pain, but at £1 it's no big deal. You can see these nails in action in yesterdays post.

I quite liked the Pixie Lott Batiste, the scent wasn't too strong or artificial. I feel like I got through this bottle quite quickly though, I was a bit surprised when it was done. I'd buy this one again but tend to only get them when they're on offer.

When I first started using this lip balm I wasn't too sure about the milk and honey flavour but I grew to like the scent and taste. Nivea know how to make good lip balms! Apparently this one has been discontinued now which is a shame, maybe I'll try one of the other flavours  next time instead.

Summer Travel Dreams: How To Make Them Come True

The sun is finally starting to shine now, and it will soon be time for summer once again. Frankly, I can't wait for the summer - it is my favourite season. When it gets to this time of year, I start to dream about all the exotic places I want to visit. Of course, if you don't start planning in advance, you never make these dreams a reality. Right now is the best time to start booking your break - so why wait?

Set a budget before you look
Before you do anything, you need a budget. Be honest with yourself - how much can you afford to spend? If you are not sure, you need to check out your bank statements. Live within your means. A holiday is not worth getting yourself into debt. If you are going away with friends, you need to have a little chat with them about their personal budget as well. It is never easy when you talk about money, but you have to do it.

Start planning now!
If you leave things too long, you will find that all the best deals are gone. The further in advance you book your trip, the cheaper it will work out for you. If you have some spare time, why not browse the web and see what you can find. You might see a deal that is perfect for you. You should check out a few comparison sites so that you know just what you will need to pay. If you shop around for a while, you should have no issues finding the best deal out there. There is no point paying over the odds for a holiday.  

Avoid going away with flaky friends
Flaky friends are the worst. They say that they want to go on holiday with you, but then they back out at the last minute. If you enjoy traveling, you need to go with people who share your passion. Don't let anyone rain on your parade! Instead, take control. If you plan to go away with people who might drop out, you will only end up upset. Find people you know you can trust. That way, you can plan your holiday quickly. You won't have to wait around for anyone to sort themselves out.
Sort out your transport
When you have sorted out the basics, you need to start getting the logistics right. If one of your is driving to the airport, you need to find the best airport parking rates. Getting these little details sorted will make a massive difference to your holiday. If you can make things as smooth as possible, you can have a 100% stress-free break. You don't want to have to mess around sorting out transport at the last minute. If none of your drive, you might need to book a taxi or coach. Make a small budget for your transport costs so that you have the cash to cover them.

Get your summer wardrobe ready
Once you have your holiday booked, you need to get your wardrobe ready. If you haven't updated your look in a while, now you have the perfect excuse to do so. Take some inspiration from my recent summer haul. If you hit the shops now, I am sure you will find some amazing clothes for your break. Of course, when you are away, you want to look your best. Getting some new summer clothes is the perfect way to revamp your style.

What do you guys think of my tips? Are you planning any summer holidays this year? I'd love to know.

Minute Manicure from Primark

PS Love Natural Point Nails
£1 from Primark

I love the polished look of a French manicure but doing one yourself can take ages and needs a steady hand. I didn't have much time to do my nails before a night out so turned to some fake nails from Primark. Unfortunately the glue in the pack is rubbish so I used some Elegant Touch nail glue instead. Inside the pack of 24 there's loads of different sizes, ones that are sure to fit. Once all 10 nails were set out it took barely any time at all to get them all stuck in place. Even better, they staying in place through the whole night and even survived for the next 5 days. So many people commented on them, and loads didn't realise they weren't actually mine!

Is there a day you seem to normally do your nails? 
Have you tried any of Primark's fake nails?

Wicked Ways to Treat Yourself With Your Next Holiday

If you’re thinking about going on holiday this year, you’ll want to think about ways to improve your experience. You could be planning a trip on your own or with your partner. Or you might even be planning a girly getaway for you and friends. Whatever you decide to do for your next holiday, make sure you pamper yourself from start to finish. Here are a few great ideas for ways to treat yourself on your next holiday.

Go First Class
Your holiday begins with your plane ride, and this can set the scene for the rest of your trip. Many people dread the flight to their destination, especially if it’s a long one. So, what you should do is treat yourself with the flight and book a first class seat. You might not have gone first class before, so why not give it a go. It will be more expensive, sure, but it could well be a one off for you. Besides, this holiday is all about you pampering yourself.
Get a Luxury Ride to The Airport
Part of having the best holiday ever is arriving in style. You don’t want to take a bus or cab to the airport like everyone else. No! Instead visit and book an exclusive limousine ride to the airport. There’s no better way to turn up in style and luxury that pulling into the airport in the back of your very own limousine. As soon as you get inside you’ll know your holiday has started. And why shouldn’t you make use of it, after all, you work hard and you’ve earned some luxury.

Ask About an Upgrade
You’ve heard the saying ‘you don’t ask you don’t get’, and now you can finally apply it. When you book where you want to stay, there’s no harm in calling up and asking about a free upgrade. If you or one of your party has a special event, this is even better. A birthday or anniversary is the perfect excuse to ask for an upgrade. Most hotels and resorts are open to the concept of awarding upgrades. You won’t always get one, but it can’t hurt to ask. You might even be pleasantly surprised by the amount of times you’re successful.
Buy New Outfits
Having a holiday to go on is the perfect excuse for a spot of retail therapy - not that we ever need an excuse! It’s like when you have a wedding to attend it’s the perfect excuse to buy a new dress. Treat this in much the same way. You can celebrate the fact you’re getting your long overdue holiday by purchasing some holiday outfits. Check out the weather situation wherever you’re going and figure out if you need to buy warmer clothes. Have a think about buying outfits for during the day, but also for the cool nights too.
Don’t forget a holiday is your time to relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself. As such, you should make the most of it. You might only get one per year if that, so it’s important to go all out when you get the chance.

Where are you jetting off to this year?

New Look Haul

Let me start this post by saying, Nothing haunts us like something we didn't buy. It's not long since my last New Look haul but I was haunted by a kimono and crop top that I ended up putting back onto the rail. This caused me to shop online and buy a whole lot more. Everything I bought was either floral or a complete bargain. Buying the 915 Generation (i.e kids) kimonos is so much cheaper and they're the exact same quality. I needed a crop top to wear with my printed trousers this summer and New Look had the best fuss-free, affordable ones. As for all the dresses, is wearing them to work a valid excuse for buying more?

Pink Floral Print iPhone 5 Case
£2 down from £4.99

Have you experiences the no-purchase haunting feeling? 
What have you been buying from New Look?

10 Under £10: Beauty Product

A fantastic product for adding to foundation if you're lucky enough to see some sun and get a tan. I love using this throughout the summer for contouring or adding a glow. A much cheaper alternative to the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel.

A good set of tweezers is essential but finding a set that's sharp, has a good angle and has a good grip without costing a fortune is no easy task. Models Own tweezers are both bright, fun and under a tenner!

When it comes to makeup tools you can quickly spend a fortune on different ones for different jobs. The thing I like about the Nanshy Marvel sponge is it's 4-in-1 so it's good for foundation, concealer and bronzer. A sponge is amazing for dry, dehydrated skin too. 

It's not easy finding a good foundation for under £10 but this Bourjois one is my favourite. There's so many different shades available and it works well with most skin types. It does a good job of giving me healthy looking skin.

MUA is well known for being cheap. The Pro range is a little bit more expensive but with that even better quality. Setting sprays tend to be pretty pricey but this MUA version is fab and affordable.

Perhaps a bit pricey for a lip balm the #Lipglam is such a good product, I think it's worth every penny (under £10). It maintains moisture really well so you don't have to reapply very often but it can be used for all sorts of different purposes (lip balm, split end smoother, eyebrow balm and cuticle ointment to name but a few).

Garnier Summer Body
I love having a bit of a glow but can't be bothered with the hassle of fake tan so Garnier's Summer Body lotion is the perfect alternative. I've been using this for years and always come back to it as the sun starts to come out.

Revlon Lip Butter
There's quite a lot of lip products that cost less than £10 but I don't think any compare to the Revlon Lip Butters. If you're looking for a lip product that has good pigmentation but also helps moisturise your lips then look no further. 

Maybelline The Eraser Concealer
This is a new product for me and quite possibly my favourite. It's such a good under eye concealer and has quite a lot of product. Worth every penny.
One of my handbag essentials that costs less than most drinks in Starbucks. This stuff smells delicious, sinks in really quickly and leaves my hands feeling really soft.

What's your must have beauty products under £10?
What drugstore brands do you love?

Wedding Dance Outfit and Makeup

Last week I was invited to a wedding dance with my boyfriend. As soon as I found out about it I knew what I was going to wear. I've not worn this dress since my birthday and after 6 months in my wardrobe I couldn't wait to wear it again. Would you believe it only cost £25?! 
I kept my makeup quite simple and did big, voluminous curls. The Estee Lauder Double Wear makeup definitely helped give me flawless skin and the iwhite treatment did a really good job! I had such a good night and no hangover the next day, bonus!

Bag: Accessorize
Shoes: New Look
Bracelets: Pandora and Tiffany's
Hair: Babyliss Wand

Roll on the next wedding!
Have you got any weddings this summer?
What style do you like for wedding guest outfits?

A Guide To Glamping Fashion

This summer, I thought I would take a holiday with a difference, so I decided to plan a group glamping trip with the girls. For anyone who doesn’t know what ‘glamping’ is, it’s glamorous camping. Imagine staying in a gorgeous marquee-style tent, with real wood floors and stylish furniture. That’s what you can expect from glamping. You get all the home comforts that you could possibly need, with the bonus of having the countryside right outside.
As part of my preparation for our much-anticipated, glamping trip, me, and the girls have been working out what to pack. As none of us has ever been glamping or camping before, it’s a little tricky knowing what to pack. However, here are a few things we have taken into consideration so far...

The weather
Obviously, in the summer you expect the weather to be lovely and warm, but sadly that isn’t always the case. So it pays to be prepared. The key to having a successful and comfortable glamping trip is packing items for both hot and cold weather conditions. Of course, as well as packing the essential items, it’s also important to dress the part. Well, to me and the girls it is. For glamping fashion, we have all agreed that the way to go is a mixture between summer fashion and festival style. Items, like cropped tops, denim shorts, and, of course, flower headbands, are key.

At Night, Temperatures Drop
Okay, so I’ve already mentioned the importance of packing for all weather, but it’s important to realize just how cold it can get. Regardless of whether the daytime is hot, at night, temperatures can really drop. The key to keeping warm at night is a) having a campfire, and b) packing lots of cozy jumpers and sweaters. Woollen jumpers and aran sweaters are two of the best items for glamping, as they are so warm. You can pick up Aran Sweaters from and woollen sweaters from any high street store.

The Effects On Your Hair and Skin
You may not have even considered it, but spending so much time out in the elements can affect the health of your skin and hair. So unless you want to spend your trip with wild hair, dry skin, and chapped lips, packing all your beauty essentials is a must.
What we did, was consider the scenarios that might unfold on the trip and what products we would need to deal with them.  Along with the basics - shampoo, face wipes, deodorant, think about what else you will need. My top tip would be, pack a rich moisturizer and lip balm, ideally with an SPF factor, to keep your skin in good condition. Also, taking a deep moisturizing hair conditioning mask is also a good idea, especially if you hair is prone to splitting.

Going on a glamping trip can be a lot of fun - I am certainly looking forward to mine, as long as you pack the essentials. If I had to choose just three items to take with me, they would be a moisturizer, a warm jumper and, of course, my wellies.

Are you a camper or a glamper?

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Review


When it comes to foundation I use it everyday. I've tried so many different "drug-store" foundations and recently I've started venturing into the high-end ones. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how you spend on a foundation it just doesn't work with your skin. Whether it breaks you out, oxidises throughout the day or clings onto dry patches, there's so many things that can go wrong. Today I've got a foundation that's done everything right for me.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr is meant to be a long wearing foundation that offers more comfort than any other foundation. Promises like retouch-free, flawless look, velvety smooth and even complexion are all things I look for in a foundation so it's no surprise I wanted to give it a try. There's quite a wide range of shades available so it's quite good for pale skinned girls, like me.

This foundation looks so natural on. When people talk about a foundation that gives them a my-skin-but-better look, this is one of them. Being able to even out my skin tone without looking like I'm caked in makeup is so important and this achieves it. It's quite a thin, light consistency and it doesn't take long at all to blend out  then you're left with skin that feels like it can actually breathe. With that being said, this isn't a light coverage foundation. I'm able to cover up any blemishes or scarring with a little help from concealer. This could definitely pass as a medium cover foundation. 

For a high-end foundation, the packaging is quite good. The bottle is quite heavy glass which makes it feel good quality and it comes with a pump - woohoo! I hate when a foundation has no pump, you end up wasting product and generally just making a mess. This isn't an issue with the Teint Idole. 

It's passed my dry, sensitive skin test and a lovely little bonus is it smells great.

What's your favourite high end foundation?
What are your biggest foundation problems?

Outfits of the Week: May #4

Vest Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: Primark
Trousers: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Primark

Dress: Primark
Kimono: New Look (915 Generation)
Belt: Primark
Shoes: New Look

T-shirt: Forever 21
Trousers: F and F at Tesco
Necklace: Primark
Shoes: Primark
T-shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: River Island
Scarf: Primark
Shoes: Primark

Dress: New Look
Belt: Primark
Caridgan: H and M
Shoes: Primark

The Curse of the Supermarket Haul

I nipped into Tesco to buy a bunch of bananas to keep me going for a couple of days and got lured in by the Curse of the Supermarket. Getting out of that place with just the one thing on my list seemed impossible. I stumbled across a whole selection of reduced stationery and then simply had to make a visit to the clothes section. Thankfully I got a few nice bargains but I was definitely a victim of the curse. I have to say though, the Pret-a-porter stuff looks fab and my new notebook is literally made for to-do lists!

Have you fallen victim to The Curse of the Supermarket?
What's the best bargain you've had from the supermarket that you didn't know you needed?