Ultimate Guide To What Happens When You Decide To Quit Smoking*

You’ve made your mind up. You’re going to do it. Nothing is going to stop you. You’re sure it’s now or never. And you’ve just smoked the last one. That’s it. No more cigarettes in the house. So what happens next? Panic! You’ve got to get through today without reaching for those little sticks that have been a part of your life for so long. But you’re going to persevere. You’re going to take it hour by hour. And the timer is set. Starting with your very first hour, here’s what will happen to you, and how you can succeed with your commitment to quit smoking.

Get yourself some support. What you have started is very brave, but unless you are superhuman, you’re not going to get through this alone. A lot of people try patches and gum first, with varying levels of success. These are perfect for helping you through the cravings of the nicotine. But if you enjoy all the parts of smoking, like holding the cigarette and inhaling, these won’t be enough. Get yourself an e-cigarette pack, for the closest thing to the real cigarette you can find.

E-cigarettes allow you to smoke vaping liquids that are a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Some have nicotine to help you with the cravings. You can choose from many flavours as well. Fruit flavours are particularly popular. There are many others you can choose from if you select from the best e liquid flavours online. As you can choose your flavours, this should help make quitting cigarettes much easier.

Once you have got your support programme in place, you should quite quickly get into the routine of doing things a little differently. Your senses of smell and taste will suddenly come back with a vengeance so you may want to tone down the sweetness and spiciness in your foods for a couple of weeks. You may also notice that your home smells quite stale when you are no longer smoking cigarettes. Don’t panic! It just means that you have a great excuse for shopping for some new soft furnishings. You can choose a lemon wipe for other surfaces in your home to take the layer of smoke off them and leave behind a fresher smell.

After a week without cigarettes, you should start to feel a bit more energetic. Even with a support programme in place, you may feel cravings for another couple of weeks yet, but you are well on your way. See how far you can comfortably go for a jog today. Now that annoying cough has cleared up, you may surprise yourself. It may be the start of a new, healthier habit for you! Even when you are having a bad day, choose running, vaping, or anything but a cigarette. No excuses, remember? You are strong and capable of saying no now you have made up your mind. By this point, you have already come most of the way to being free of them forever. Just push yourself a little bit further, and you may never need another cigarette again. Good luck!

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