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The Things I Can't Wait To Do With The Girls This Summer*

Wasn’t the Easter break amazing? It’s got me really excited for the summer! My friends and I have been throwing around some awesome ideas of what we want to do together this year. We have created SOME list! So, I thought I’d share a few of these thoughts with all you lovely people - in case you want to pinch any of them! 

A “grown-up” sports day
Recently we were reminiscing about school sports days and how much we used to love them as kids. And then I thought: what’s really stopping us from reliving our younger years? The answer is nothing! Not even the risk of looking silly!
The plan is to head to the local park one sunny day where we will host a school sports day. We’ll be doing all the old classics like the egg and spoon race, the sack race and the three-legged run. It’s going to be authentic. Well, apart from the jugs of Pimms and lemonade and BeyoncĂ©’s “Grown Woman” blaring from the speakers! 

A blissful spa day
When it comes to pampering the body, mind and soul you can’t get much better than a day at a luxury spa. If you are like us, you’ll be saving up your pennies in order to be able to afford it, but it’s totally worth for that beautiful, buffed and bronzed feeling.
I’ve been looking at different options, including Keturah luxury spa packages. The girls and I are hoping to not only take advantage of the spa facilities but also to get a massage and a few beauty treatments. I would really recommend having a spa day just before a big summer event like a wedding or birthday party. It leaves you looking and feeling at your very best!

A road trip
What happened to the good old road trip? No one seems to talk about them anymore. Of course, I love a holiday abroad but there is something wild and free about hopping into the car with your best friends and exploring the roads of your country. We are lucky to have the stunning Loch Lomond nearby, so that is our road trip route of choice this year.
What do I consider to be the essentials for an awesome road trip? A retro mix tape, a cool hat and sunnies, a camera and a cold bottle of coconut water. Oh and don’t forget to call shotgun!

A rooftop cocktail (or two)
The sad truth is that in the UK, and especially in Scotland, we only get a few hot and sunny days each year. So, this year we plan to make the very most of these rare days by climbing high and getting as close to the sun as possible.
Every city has a few rooftop bars to choose from. They tend to be pretty luxurious, but it’s worth it for the view and the sun soaking opportunities. So, splash on some lotion, scale those stairs and grab yourself a cocktail!

I hope this post has made you all just as excited about summer as I am. Have a great time with your girls!

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