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The Secret To Having Fun AND Staying Healthy

I love to stay fit and healthy as much as the next girl, but I’m not about to give up my fun for it! I still love to go out with the girls (who doesn’t?). I like to stay in with a takeaway and films too. Having fun and staying healthy can go hand in hand. The secret is to stop being so hard on yourself! Find a nice balance of fun and healthiness and it all comes easily. Trust me, you don’t need to be at the gym six times a week and gulping kale smoothies every morning.
If you want to stay healthy, you’ve got to find something you love or you’ll never stick to it. Search out the healthy foods that taste as good as chocolate (there are some out there!) Find exercises that you can’t wait to get out and do. Get the idea? Keep reading for more great secrets.

Find exciting ways to keep fit.
Let’s face it, the gym is dull! We all get in the zone in January and February, but it never lasts. There are only so many times you can face the running machine before you want to give up! The secret is finding something else that you love. Take the girls with you. Make it a social activity and you’ll have so much fun staying fit. You could try Zumba, yoga or water aerobics. Mix it up and try new things each week! You’ll get an all round workout and spend the whole time giggling.
Search out delicious healthy foods
There are so many amazing healthy foods out there for you that taste delicious. There’s nothing better than a good fruit smoothie in the morning (just keep the kale away!) Or how about a fresh salad at lunchtime? Eating healthily shouldn’t be about crazy diets and weird eating habits. Just eat a sensible balanced diet. It’s that easy! Oh, and don’t be so hard on yourself when you get a takeaway or buy some chocolate. Live a little! Eat a balanced diet most of the time and you’ll start feeling great.
Don’t overdo it on your nights out.
We all love to let loose at the weekends. I’m always looking forward to the next girls’ night out! Just don’t overdo it. Who wants to wake up hungover and feeling like death anyway? You only need a few drinks to find that happy place, find it and stick to it. I also like to look for gluten free alcohol or healthier options. That way I can enjoy the night out, stay healthy and feel awesome the next day!
Health isn’t just about your body, it’s about your mind too. Getting a solid eight hours of sleep every night works wonders on your mood. When you feel healthy, the world is happier place! So take a night off, go to the spa with the girls or read a book! Take it easy and you’ll feel healthier in no time.
Staying healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing all the fun in your life. Find a diet and exercise routine that you love! Don’t sweat the little things and remember to relax. You deserve it!

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