Planning a Girly Getaway

The weather is perking up; hallelujah! This can only mean one summer times to come! I love planning girly weekend’s away with my friends when the weather picks up, as it gives us lots to look forward to. This guide should help you plan a girly weekend of your own!

Work Out a Budget
You all need to know the round about budget you’re working with to have the best time. Don’t include spending money or anything in your budget; work that out later. Work out the budget you have for your travel and accommodation and then look for things accordingly. You all need to be on the same page when it comes to how much to spend!

Discuss Ideas
Have everybody give their ideas and look for something that fits in with your budget. Some of your friends might want to explore Paris for the weekend, while others might only want to travel a few miles up the road. See which places get the majority vote until you can all come to a unanimous decision. Remember, it’s not about getting your own way; it’s about having fun together in an exciting location! With the right people, you can make any place fun.

Find Accommodation
When you’re looking for accommodation, remain vigilant. All accommodation you look at will look better on the pictures than it does in real life, and that’s a fact. There are lots of lovely hotels in Berlin, for instance, but you’re better off reading reviews than looking at pictures. Pictures can be deceiving when it comes to how luxurious a place is.

Create an Itinerary
When you’ve decided where to go and where to stay, you can create an itinerary to help you make your way round and have the best time. I wouldn’t fill your entire weekend with activities, as you’ll likely find things you want to do once you get there. However, you should have an idea of at least a handful of places you’d like to see and visit. Make sure everybody can agree on this! Here are just a few of the things you could include in your itinerary - me and my friends have so much fun doing them!

Make Sure Everybody Has the Time off
It’s so hard planning a girly weekend when people can’t get the time off work. Double check that everybody can get the time off before booking anything. I’ve booked things in the past only for a couple of girls to have to let us down at the last minute due to work commitments. Providing they pay a deposit, this shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure you’re not going to be left on your own if a couple of girls do have to drop out!

Have Fun!
Finally, just have fun. Try not to stress if things don’t go your way. This is your weekend to make some unforgettable memories with the people you love, so make the most of it!

Let me know how you enjoyed your weekend!

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