Places I've Been Thinking of Visiting this Summer

Now the weather is finally warming up across the country, I can’t help but think of where I want to visit this summer. The summer is such a great time of year to visit almost anywhere on the planet, but this year, I’m thinking about all those places where the heat and sunshine don’t really matter. Those little corners of the globe where you really don’t care how good the weather is are the ones where the culture, architecture and cuisine sell the place completely. Here are the top five on my list (and yes, I know I need to whittle them down):

London - London may be on the top of the list, but who wouldn’t be keen to have an opportunity to see all that this great capital has to offer? For a trip to London this summer, I think it would be great to get a chance to go on the London Eye. The view over London is incredible from this vantage point, so it is definitely worth the wait in line. While I’m on the banks of the River Thames, I think I might have a closer look at things along South Bank, London’s center for culture and the Arts. It’s such a great place just to wander.

Sydney - While this may not be the capital of Australia, Sydney certainly packs a punch above its weight in terms of things to see and do. Of course, the Opera House is the one thing everyone has to see when they are here, but there is more to the inside than the outside of this incredible icon. Booking tickets for a show is an absolute must while I am here. A walk across the bridge is on my list of to-dos as well, so much of my time will be spent down by the harbor.
New York - While spring time and fall brings the best of nature to Central Park, summer in New York brings the best out in people. It is a great time of year to join in games in the park, and it seems that Broadway has so much more to offer at this time of year too. Yes, it can get that uncomfortable heat and even a little smoggy but a spot of shopping in air conditioned bliss is always a great refresher!

Scotland - There are parts of this incredible land that are just so beautiful you may never want to leave. Head out of the cities and into the landscape. You can stay in a place like Blairgowrie holiday park and feel completely at peace in a country that is a world away from home. Best things include all the activities you can enjoy here, like fishing and climbing.

Hong Kong - Maybe it’s the thought of the cuisine that puts this Far East favorite on my list for this summer. Or maybe it’s the fact you can enjoy all China has to offer and still get by easily with just the English language! The vibe in the city is always extraordinary, and the nightlife is legendary.

With 6 weeks off work I wonder where I'll end up!
What are your plans for summer?

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