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March Favourites

March has been a month packed full of work so my favourites have all been things to help my days go a little bit smoother. A mixture of beauty products, a TV show and some food. I've got a feeling April's favourite's might look a little more unhealthy with the Easter Holidays on their way.
I'm a mascara girl. I wear it everyday whether it's for work, for a shopping trip or a night out. I've got light lashes and without some mascara I look like a panda without it's black circles. Benefit's Roller Lash mascara is quite new but also quite amazing. I explained in my review earlier this month that I got the sample version free in Elle magazine like nearly every other blogger. Since getting it I've used it almost every day. That makes it an instant favourite, right?
A bit of me time is really important in amongst courses, research and work. Netflix is perfect for that and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has been on 9 times out of 10 for me this month. It's a Netflix series that's been described as the female version of Elf (without the Christmas theme obviously). It's funny, easy viewing that's great when you just want to chill out and not have to think (unlike when you're watching Revenge!).

I added the Magnitude Lucid Cleansing brush to my Mother's Day Gift Guide at the start of the month and mentioned that I'd been loving mine. I've had this for a few months and it took me a while to use it, worried about how it would affect my sensitive skin. Since then it's permanently in my shower ready for cleansing.

You know you're onto a winner when you can't wait to have your breakfast every single day! Back in uni I struggled to find something for breakfast that I'd actually be able to eat daily and settled for probably the most sugary, unhealthy cereal. To sort out the situation I tried out some of the Oats So Simple sachets and this one has since become an essential start to my day. Made with unsweetened almond milk and a chopped banana, I've got a healthy, tasty breakfast.
I've been loving the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation after spontaneously buying it in the airport on my way back from London. I knew Bourjois did foundations light enough for my skin and I suppose I fancied trying this one. It's a lovely, lightweight foundation that's great for dry skin and leaves my skin looking glowy.

What's been your favourites for March?
What you looking forward to in April?


  1. Have you tried Clarisonic? Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush sounds interesting..

    1. I've not tried a Clarisonic but the Magnitone Lucid is along the same lines. I think the charger is better designed on the Magnitone and it works out a bit cheaper too xo