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How To Go From Pale To Sun-Kissed This Summer

Summer is coming. If like me you have pale skin, you know that this is the season for lobster. I’m not talking about eating it. I’m talking about looking like it! It is so easy to burn when the weather finally brightens up. But those of us with pale skin very quickly get left behind when it comes to everyone else starting to look golden and sun-kissed. Not everybody likes to fake it because of how orange you can appear, so here are some great tips for looking after your skin while trying to look a little bronzer*:

Wear white 
Bright white fabrics can help give the illusion you are more sun-kissed than you actually are. Thanks to the contrast of the white against your skin, you can appear to be the right colour for the season. Of course, the second you stand next to someone who has managed to pick up a tan, the truth will come out. But, for a quick selfie, this could be ideal.

These are dangerous, especially for pale skin. However, if your skin is a bit more tolerant, a very short, low power burst once or twice a season will not cause much harm. Make sure you visit a salon that has someone manning the beds and can help you get the bespoke setting you need.

There are online specialists like the Tanning Lotion Center, where you can find a good variety of lotions. They can provide instant bronzing and improve the tone of your skin at the same time. They are great if you are about to go travelling somewhere sunny. Some can actually prep your skin for the extra sun you will receive overseas. If nothing else, they will provide your skin with the much-needed hydration that will help protect it in the sun.

This too can be dangerous without suitable protection. Where a sunscreen suitable for your skin type, and take it slowly. Don’t expect an all-day sun fest to do anything more than burn you and possibly make you very ill. Wear a hat if you haven’t been in the sun much before. Cover your shoulders too after a short time. If you do get burnt, you can be very ill once it starts to peel. It isn’t worth it, so short bursts in the sun are best. Drink lots of water and cover up when you can.


A spray tan is not for the faint-hearted! You will need to strip everything off in front of your beautician at the salon who will spray cold paint all over your body and face. Then you have to put your clothes on it, which usually stains them forever. The full colour won’t be evident until the next day either. Sometimes these can go very dark, and sometimes they go quite orange for no particular reason. If your skin isn’t well buffed and moisturised before you start it will look patchy. This can be the best way to get the most even colour though.

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