Home Happenings: Interior Design Fashion Tips

I love the new trends in homewards that come out in the summer. There is so much choice and it’s all gorgeous. If you've read any of my Home Happenings post so far this year you'll know that my boyfriend and I are hoping to buy our first house in 2015. With that I'm always on the look out for interior ideas and homeware items to buy. I've noticed with Summer approaching there's lots of funky, bright and quirky designs to choose from.
There are some stunning things out on the high street. Primark has some seriously cool bedding in at the moment. Pink flamingos and bright pineapples are a couple of my favourites.

Starting With the Walls
The walls are the most important place to start. For me, it’s all about getting rid of the floral feature walls that have dominated the interior design scene for some time now. As summer is around the corner, I’m going to stick with a neutral base. Off whites, in pearl tones, stop the walls from looking too stark or bare. But, they are a great base to work with as I can add all kinds of accessories in a multitude of different colours.
The off-white look is massive right now and it’s a great palette to work with too. The pearly, iridescent nature of the paint makes it look super cool and decadent. After all, interior design should never be boring.

Bright, Bold Fabrics
As I’m using an off-white base, I’m going to spruce up the room with bold, bright colours and fabrics. I’m liking the idea of a mint green blind to keep the sun out. But, I’m finally ditching curtains this year too. It’s all about clean, smooth lines and minimalist detailing. The key colours of the summer are coral pinks and mint greens. They give off an old-school, vintage vibe but without being too ‘clash’. The colours work amazingly well together too. I’m going for striped chevrons as a theme in mint greens as the primary colour. But, I’m going to add splashes of corals to make the room pop. A couple of cushions and photo frames will give it just the right amount of pizzazz.
Bunting is a personal favourite too. However, I’m not going for fabrics; I’m opting for brightly coloured Mexican laser cut bunting for an edgy twist. It will take the bareness off the walls and look super-cool in the process. This summer, it’s all about injecting colour and fun into your interior design!

The Importance of Good Lighting
What can we say about lighting? It’s vital that you source great lighting so that you can guarantee that your makeup and hair looks incredible. Why not look to buy Kichler lighting. They provide a great range of light up mirrors. Another key point is to always opt for spotlights and bigger, central lights in the bedroom. After all, this is our beauty parlour and we need to see what we are doing!

Big, Clean Mirrors
Everyone loves the decadent, vintage frames and dark mirrors, but for me, I’m going for a modern, chic mirror. I’m thinking a large, freestanding mirror that is centrally placed on what used to be a feature wall. Crisp, clean lines are essential for making your room look modern and stylish. The contemporary look is a great contrast with the other retro pieces that I have my eye on. After all, it wouldn’t do to have too much vintage!

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