Great Gift Ideas For Summer Birthdays

The summer season is nearly upon us, and if you are like me then you know LOADS of people with a birthday coming up and so it’s time to start organising their gifts. This situation can quickly become very overwhelming, not only money-wise, but also in terms of what you should buy. Although the internet has given us access to so much more choice, sometimes this can make reaching a decision very difficult. This year, I’ve decided to stick to a theme to make it easier and quicker to make decisions on gifts. The theme I have chosen is summer. It’s simple but has proven pretty effective so far.

Here are some of my girly gift ideas for summer birthdays. I hope you find them helpful!*

Cocktail-making kit
Sipping on a margarita, a pina colada, or whatever your favourite cocktail happens to be is an essential part of summer for most girls. That’s why I think a cocktail making kit would make a great birthday gift for your female friends this summer. You can find these sets online, or if you are strolling along the high street, from large department stores. They come in different styles; some include just the equipment while others also include some spirits and mixers. I’m sure your friend will find this gift comes in handy for all your girls’ nights this summer.

Summer dress
You can never have too many summer dresses! This is a great gift if you know your friend’s size and style well. I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous little numbers in Primark and on Asos. Some styles that are on trend this summer include off-the-shoulder, crochet, bold florals and strapless maxis. The only difficulty with this gift idea is that you’ll be very tempted to buy lots of items for yourself too!

A summer experience gifts
Experience gifts are really popular. However, they do tend to be expensive, so you might want to think about this idea for someone who is very close to you or who is celebrating a significant birthday. Summer experience gift ideas include a hot air balloon ride, a glamping weekend and a Segway adventure day. Flying experiences, especially those in helicopters, are also popular, and you can read more about these online.
A great girly book
With all that sunbathing you and your friends are bound to be doing this summer, they will no doubt appreciate a good book to devour! If you are unsure which novels to pick up, there are some useful top selling lists on book websites like Waterstones and Goodreads. Take a look at this list of chick lit bestsellers to help you find something that will keep your girlfriends gripped under the sun.

When you have lots of birthdays coming up, it can be a bit stressful. However, I hope you have found some of my ideas helpful and that you manage to get the perfect gifts for your girlfriends or female relatives. If you have any ideas that you would like to share, I’d love to hear about them.

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