Easter Hot Chocolate Road Trip

The sun was shining on Easter Sunday and with no Easter eggs left by the Easter Bunny we took the opportunity to go on a road trip along the North West coast of Scotland to Cocoa Mountain. Boasting awards of Food and Drink Excellence and what's been described as the best hot chocolate in the world we were looking forward to our trip the the most geographically remote chocolate producer in Europe. The scenic trip was beautiful and really made me appreciate the landscape of Scotland that I forget is right on my door step. We stopped off on the way to have a picnic at the edge of some water, right at the bottom of 2 mountains. We carried on a bit further before we arrived ready to sample the chocolates. I couldn't resist trying out the hot chocolate and made sure I got my fair share of the chocolate truffle tasting bowl.  The adaptation to the road sign in the last photo made me giggle, I'm glad I was quick enough to snap a photo. 

All part of the NC500 - Scotland's answer to Route 66- it was the perfect Easter Sunday Road Trip. 
What do you take for granted around you?


  1. Gorgeous photos! When me and the other half toured round Scotland back in 2009, Cocoa Mountain was one of the places we made a beeline for during the road trip and I'd agree with the "best hot chocolate" bit, they were delicious! :-) xx

    1. It really was delicious! Worth the trip xo

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