DIY Home Pedicure Tips

Us girls love a pamper when we’ve got a little free time, don’t we? I love giving myself home facials, manicures, and now that the summer is nearing, pedicures too! I thought I’d share my DIY home pedicure tips with you today so you don’t feel the need to spend a fortune at the salon. Enjoy!

Remove Old Polish and Clip Nails
Take off your old polish and clip your nails. I always do this before soaking as nails can be a bit soft afterwards, which can damage them when you clip. Try not to cut your nails too short. You can always file them with a strong file after clipping to get just the right shape/length. You don’t want sore toes because you clipped too far down!

Soak Your Feet
Grab a foot spa or even a washing up bowl and soak your feet. I like to put in a little bubble bath and maybe some salts to help relax my feet. They always feel so much better afterwards, especially after a long day on my feet - perfect for after shopping! You can stay like this for as long as you like. If you have hard skin and want to scrub it off, don’t soak for too long as you could take perfectly good skin with it. Use a pumice stone and a foot scrub.

Push Back Cuticles
If your cuticles aren’t pushed back, your polish won’t look perfect. It’s easy to let the cuticles overgrow on the toes, so concentrate on them to make sure you’ve gotten rid of as much as possible. Use a wood stick and gently push back so you don’t damage your nail beds. You could use a cuticle remover cream if they’re really tough. Sometimes I clip them, but only if they’re really being a nuisance - you must be careful not to cut yourself!

Paint Your Nails
Now your toes are all nice and prepped to paint your nails. ALWAYS apply a base coat. If you don’t, your polish won’t last as long and you’ll discolour your nails. Apply 2 thin coats of your chosen polish. Wait a few minutes in between coats so it doesn’t go gloopy and take ages to dry.Apply a top coat to help it last and make it shiny. Leave as long as you can to dry before you put your shoes and socks on. I like to keep my feet out for a few hours after just to be sure! I’m not having my hard work smudged!

Massage Feet and Apply Cream
Apply cream to your feet to moisturise them and get them feeling soft and supple. If you have nobody available to massage them for you, I love to use a foot massager device to get out all of the aches and pains. It’s so relaxing! You could do this before you paint your toes if you like, but you need to be sure that you don’t get any cream on your nails or you’ll stop the polish from drying.

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