Cocktails, Bingo, Girls Night Out - Straight From Work Makeup Tips

It’s 6p.m. You’ve just gotten off work, and your friends want you to meet them for a bingo hour at your favourite casino pub. With no time left to go all the way to home and get ready and you must go straight away to pub. When you took a look at yourself in your mirror, you see that the make-up which you had applied in the morning has worn off. Liner has completely smudged, eye shadow has creased, blush has disappeared, oil has taken place all over your nose and face. This is a common problem which every women experiences. To ensure your make-up long lasts from dusk to dawn make sure that you’re following these tips *

Oil control 
Controlling the oil on your face is a major part to do, to keep your make-up long lasting. Pick a right skin care products which really work work good on your skin type and try to maintain the same products. If you have a oily skin, make sure you are using products with a water or oil free base. As these days you will find such products easily available in market for those with oily skin. Also see that you wash your hands and avoiding touching your face because our hands accumulate oil, bacteria and dirt.  

It is a basic component to keep your make-up for a longer time. It is majorly used to prepare your skin for make-up, so that it forms a protective shield on your face and extends the life of your make-up. You will easily find the primers that are oil free and they are perfectly ideal for any type of skin. Apply primer after you moisturize your face and it has to be applied where your make-up rubs which includes chin, eyes, lips, neck and all over the face.  

It is must that you should apply moisturizer whether your are applying a make-up or no. For make-up that lasts use a moisturizer that has SPF in it. Moisturizers nourishes your skin and protects it from cold, sun, pollution and toxic elements. So apply it thoroughly before you start your make-up as it keeps your skin plum and tight. 

Matte Powder  
Powder is one of the best tools to keep your make-up in place. It improves your skin texture, evens out the skin, and gives a sharper look. It can be used to reduce oil pigmentation, tone down shine, and create a flawless looking pretty face.  

Waterproof and smudge proof products 
 For your eyes it is better to use water proof products. Waterproof eyeliners won’t smudge as easily and mascara will hold a curl longer. 

So ladies, follow these simple make-up tips and rock the floor whether a pub hopping or just shopping. Moreover, if you are bored and tired to commute after your work all you can do is invite your girlfriends to your home and enjoy playing online bingo where you get to see plenty of options like no deposit bingo, free bingo games and exciting promotions which you never get to see in a casino pub. If you still haven’t experienced online bingo then invite all your friends today and start playing it at GameVillage Bingo and enjoy the lively banter in their fun loving bingo rooms. Good Luck! 

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