Bblonde Lightening Spray Review

It's no secret that being blonde is high maintenance. Unfortunately I don't have the bank balance of Kim Kardashian to be able to get my roots touched up every fortnight (I also have more sense than to put my hair through that!). I get my regrowth done every 8 weeks. That's 2 months for my natural dark blonde, verging on strawberry blonde, hair to start creeping in. The last few weeks before an appointment can look a bit dull and let's face it a little bit horrible.

On the lookout for something to give me a helping hand I came across this Permanent Lightener by the Uk's No. 1 Blonding Brand - Jerome Russell Bblonde. The idea of this spray is to gradually lighten your hair with a heat activated permanent lightening solution. It's only for blonde or light brown hair because it's not a bleach or hair dye but does contain hydrogen peroxide. 

I've been using it on my hair twice a week. A few sprays along my parting and in amongst my  side fringe before blow drying it. The heat from the hair dryer activates the lighteners but the thermal protector ingredient helps to protect your hair from getting dry and damaged. Since using it I've noticed a subtle change in my roots. They look lighter and less drastic in comparison to my bright blonde hair. My hair is definitely looking fresher coming up to my hair appointment than it normally looks. My hair isn't damaged from using it but because I've not been using it through the lengths of my hair I've avoided having too much of this leave in product in my hair. 

Don't expect miracles! You're not going to achieve massive transformations but if you're looking for your roots to be lightened, your dip dye to be a bit more refreshed or for some subtle highlights throughout then this can help you out. £5.99 is a pretty good price and after my 10 applications I've barely used any of the bottle. I can see this lasting me a whole year.

What steps do you take to avoid damaging your hair? Or products you use to fix it?
What colour would you love to dye your hair?

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