Your Guide To Dress Jewellery And How To Wear It*

If you have a big night out planned, a romantic getaway, or you are looking for a new look, jewellery can have a massive impact on your appearance. There are times when you only want to wear a little costume jewellery, and times when you want to go all out on a matching diamond set. Whatever the occasion, jewellery really can finish off your look, adding a touch of style and glamour to your outfit.

Many of us are quite happy wearing the same rings day in and day out, especially if we are married. However, when we go out, or we want to glam up a bit, we may make the effort and pull something big to make a statement with from the jewellery box. Alternatively, you may want to match a gemstone to a pair of earrings or your necklace. Rings can help draw attention to your hands, and can help make your hands appear very feminine and delicate.

Necklaces are essential for drawing the attention to the cut of our dress or top. The finish off the empty space created by a plunge or scoop neck, and add a stylish finish to a square-cut collar. They can be long or choker style and anything in between. It all depends on the collar or cut of your top, and whether you are wearing your hair long, short or up.

When your hair is up, you definitely want to make sure you are wearing some earrings to soften your neckline, and elongate your neck. Longer earrings or hoops work very well here, but Audrey Hepburn really could make those large studs work for her up hairstyle too. If you are wearing them for more than a few hours, make sure you are choosing clip-on-earrings for maximum comfort. They can also help minimise the risk of infection in your ears. Posts and butterfly backs can get very uncomfortable, and can easily be lost.

Bracelets can help elongate your arms and will work well with rings to draw attention to those gorgeous nails you just had done. There are also some very beautiful bracelet style watches available that will add functionality to your jewellery. Anklets have the same effect on your calves as bracelets do for your arms. They are particularly effective if your dress is cut above the knee.

Toe rings can look gorgeous with open toe sandals. They can make feet look incredibly feminine and very glam. Always keep your toenails painted when you are in sandals as they can discolour as we walk and look a bit peculiar. A toe ring will definitely draw attention to this part of your body so give your feet a touch of luxurious pampering with a foot spa and pedicure.

Jewellery is a great way to finish off your look after you have dressed and done your hair and makeup. Keep some of your favourite pieces out and to hand as you get dressed each day, but don’t be afraid to wear the more expensive pieces for a special occasion. Most importantly, enjoy what you wear.

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