Travel Diary: London #02

The first stop on Sunday was the London Science Museum on Exhibition Road. It didn't open until 10am so we had a quite look at Royal Albert Hall before joining the huge queue (half term holiday problems). I was a little bit disappointed with the first couple of floors as it wasn't as hands on as I was expecting. It was quite nice to reminisce at some of the old toys and gadgets. My favourite part of the museum was the 3rd and 4th floor where they had lots of interactive games. We got a bit competitive in some of the games which led to photographic evidence to show my moon buggy got a lot further than my boyfriends and that I beat him by 0.5% in a flooding game. I was also fascinated by the close up of my eye, I didn't realise I had such blue eyes. 
After an educational morning we made our way to Westfield Shopping Centre for a Five Guys lunch and some retail therapy. The food at Five Guys was surprisingly good and I loved the drinks machine - Strawberry Sprite was my favourite. Unfortunately we didn't do too well in Westfield so headed straight to Oxford Street for a bit more shopping. You can see from my photo that I didn't buy too much but couldn't resist leaving Pink without buying some more clothes. 
Visiting China town was one of the best decisions of the trip. We ended up in one of the first restaurants that we came across, so I've got no idea what it's called, but the food was delicious. We ordered 2 different dishes and a rice to share which was the perfect amount of food. I even impressed myself by eating it all with chop sticks, I normally give up half way through! 

What shop can you always rely on for retail therapy?
What's your favourite thing to order from the Chinese?

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