The Ultimate Guide To the Do’s and Don't's of Selfies*

We are all a little guilty of being selfie-queens. But, it’s so much fun! Whether you want to showcase your new shoes, killer bag or an unusual lipstick, we all love to selfie. Of course, when you hit the party with your girls, you want to show the world that you’re having an amazing time. There are some great ways that you can make a photo record of your life. After all, photos are powerful things. But, did you know that there is etiquette to the art of selfies?
If you want to make sure that you are getting it right every time, there are some things that you need to know.

Here is the ultimate guide to the do’s and dont's of selfies. You’ll never have a bad photo again!
It’s All about Looking Good
We all want to look fabulous. So, you need to make sure that you are looking fantastic. A simple slick of lipstick or gloss is enough to highlight your good points and negate the bad points. Think about the angle too. It’s time to work the camera or the smart phone. Spend some time thinking about your shot. You don’t just have to snap and go. On the contrary, you can look totes amaze by thinking about your overall look, the lighting and the angles of the camera. After all, double chins are a huge fashion no-no!
Don’t Trout Pout
Is anyone else sick of seeing the duck face? Hell yeah, we are! Your greatest and most beautiful asset is your smile. Work it, girl! You need to make sure that you are ditching the trout pout and showing off your incredible smile. You will look natural, stunning and are sure to get those all important likes.

Filters, Lighting and Other Important Advantages
In the world of apps, Instagram and other filtering downloads, there is no need to look pale, tired and hungover. Rather, you can look stunning simply just by playing around with filters. Always remember to turn the flash off too. Flashes can highlight large pores or an unlocked eyebrow. Smartphone lighting tips are your greatest asset, use them. Of course, you don’t want to be too filter-heavy. After all, you still want to look like you. Take a look at how you can make your eyes pop or youth cheekbones more defined.
Take a Look at Your Surroundings
A messy floor, unmade bed and dirty clothes strewn around your room do not make for a good selfie. Think of it as a fashion commandment: thou shalt clean room before I selfie. Or, something along those lines. When it comes to taking an unusual selfie, you need to make sure that your home is picture perfect too. People are mean, and they will notice!

Have Fun!
Whether you’re out on the town or at home chilling, you should always have a good time. Taking photos and capturing memories doesn’t mean that you have to play your selfie game hard. Have fun, capture the moment and always look fantastic. That’s what KimYe would do!

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