The Ultimate Girly Gift Guide: Present Choosing Tips

Whether it is a birthday or any other special occasion, buying the perfect girly present can be a difficult feat. The gift that you choose for someone says a whole lot about your relationship with them and how you value them as a friend. If you buy a present that doesn't mean anything to them, it will show that you have put no thought into it. When your friend has a special occasion, they deserve you to treat them to something fantastic. Read the ultimate girly gift guide for some inspiration now*.

Read gift guides
As you know, I often write quick gift guides for you guys. As a self-confessed shopaholic, I adore getting new things and sharing my finds with my readers. If you ever need ideas when it comes to buying presents, you should start reading these guides. There are also many sites online where you can find out about the latest trends and styles. Before you start to think of ideas for the present, take a look at a few posts and see whether they help you.

Stick to a budget
Sometimes, every girl has to deal with tight finances. If it has already been an expensive month, you might not have a lot of cash until payday. If you have a low budget, you don't need to worry. Often, finding the perfect gift is not about blowing your entire month's earnings. It is all about choosing a present that will make your friend smile and show her that you know her well. Before you start shopping, you should figure out how much you can realistically afford to spend.

Decide on a gift genre
You will get nowhere fast if you browse the web looking for nothing, in particular. You should decide on what type of gift your friend will like. For example, if she is a girly girl, could you get her a fashion related gift? If she enjoys baking, you might want to get her a cookery set. Looking at random gifts will only mean that the search takes hours on end. That is precious time that you can't afford to waste. Decide what genre of gift you want to buy so that you can look for particular items.

Look at specialist stores
If you don't want to spend an entire day traipsing around shops, you should get online and start looking for your ideal gift. If you take a look at you will see that they specialise in gifts and presents. Look for online stores like this one so that you can narrow down your search in an instant. You should also check delivery times to ensure that your present comes before the occasion. I've found that there is a much broader range of items online than you can usually find on the high street. That means that you can get something truly unique for your friend.

Personalise the present
When you have selected your ideal gift, you get the chance to make it a little personal. Some sites will allow you to customise the gift so that it is special for your friend. You might want to get a necklace engraved or have a special message written on some chocolate. When you personalise a gift, it shows that you have gone the extra mile in finding the right present.

It is worth looking for a present a good couple of weeks before the event. There is nothing worse than having to rush to find the ideal present at the last minute, and so you need to organise your time. Looking for the ideal present should be a pleasurable thing to do, not something that stresses you out!


  1. Fab guise thank you! :D
    It's always one of the things I'm not very good at, finding gifts! haha I always struggle to find things for my other half..