The Best Jewellery Trends From Spring 2015

A girl without her jewellery is nothing, or so I believe anyway! When it comes to accessorising, there are some fantastic pieces that I cannot live without. Of course, everyone has their own style when it comes to jewellery and statement pieces. Some of us like to mix and match. Others prefer silver. Some like beads.  Lots of like gold. But, when it comes to keeping our jewellery bang on trend many of us are keen to make sure that we have some killer pieces in our wardrobe. After all, a good piece of jewellery can change your entire outfit!

Here are some of the best jewellery trends from spring 2015*. Be warned; you will want to own them all!

Statement Watches
This year, it’s all about the statement watch. Personally, I love the Michele CSX 36 styles. They are a fantastic look. They are delicate but bold.  Statement watches are bigger and bolder this year. It’s all about thick, bold watches in contrasting two-tone tones. I’m a huge fan. What’s more, they look perfect with every outfit. From work to the club, they look perfect with every outfit.
Less is More: The New Necklace on the Block
Less is most definitely more according to the new tips that have come from the spring 2015 fashion show. Now, it’s all about the delicate and short chains with simple adornments. Charms, it seems, are so last year. This year, everyone seems to be coveting geometric shapes and small, dainty circular decorations to their necklaces. Shapes are back and I, for one, love them. They aren’t as in your face as the necklaces from previous years. But, they are still a fashion favourite.

Rocking a Choker
It’s time to ditch the plastic, black choker from the 1990s and replace it with something bolder! Spring has seen significant changes to the choker. Heavy metals in brass tones are going to be huge. Gems are going to feature heavily too. They are certainly striking. Only the most fashion savvy need apply.

Bohemian Dream
It seems that the bohemian look is going nowhere. Its dominated cat walks for the last few years. However, this year’s take on the bohemian trend is more 1970s in its appearances. Chunky, earthy pieces that are covered with beads and fringing are going to be making their way into our wardrobes this year.

Mismatched Earrings
Fans of popular British soaps will be all too aware of the earring effect that a certain Pat Butcher had. But, these earrings are less “Pat” and more fab! At spring 2015, designers were taking earrings to the extreme. Ornate, gold and jewelled. They were a sight to behold! But, one of the best things that came from the show was mismatched earrings. Personally, I think it’s a great alternative to the boring route that earrings have taken of late. The styles are similar, but the colours are different within the earring itself. This, I think, creates a cohesive look with just the right amount of quirk.

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