Kodak Catch Up: Weekend Away

One last workout before an indulgent weekend/My travel essentials/Making dragon puppets at work for Chinese new year/the biggest portion of fajitas, so big I couldn't fit the plate of wraps and sauces on.

A selfie in the car/ a healthy pick me up whilst shopping/ a selfie with my Mum before dinner/ My Mum and Dad at the steakhouse for my brother's birthday.

Mark and me at dinner/ My mum's starter that looked like it had rabbit poo on top/ My Venison and red wine sauce/ Orkney Fudge Cheesecake which was amazing.

A selfie before bowling/ my snazzy bowling shoes/ a quick photo before the competitiveness began/ a Lemon and Raspberry Ice Blast as a prize for coming 3rd both times.

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