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Keeping Your Hair in Great Condition: What you Need to Know

For many women, their hair is their pride and joy. However, if we fail to look after it, it can soon become lacklustre and dull. You can’t help hair return to normal once you’ve killed it, so you need to make sure you take preventive measures to stop it from deteriorating. Here’s what you need to know*:

Don’t Brush Too Much
Brushing your hair too much is bad for your scalp and hair. You can make it greasier as you keep messing with it, and you can put undue stress in your scalp. The less you brush, the better for your hair! Obviously you shouldn’t let your hair get knotty, but don’t brush it if it doesn’t need it.

Avoid Washing Excessively
I know women who wash their hair every other day, or even every day. This isn’t good for your hair either; you’re getting rid of all of the natural oils it creates to stay healthy. If you do it too often when you don’t need to, your hair will naturally begin to get greasier. Try to cut down the amount you wash and just use dry shampoo.

Use Products to Suit Your Hair (But Don’t Go Overboard)
The products you use should suit your hair. Find out your hair type if you don’t know it already; it might be coarse, fine, damaged, etc. Make sure the shampoo and conditioner you use suit the type, as well as anything else you intend to use. However, don’t load your hair full of products. This will weigh it down and can lead to more harm than good.

Apply a Hair Mask Once a Week
Keep on top of the condition of your hair by applying a mask once a week or once every few weeks. This will give it some much needed loving and moisture. Follow the instructions on the packet or just sleep with your favourite conditioner in.

Always Protect from Heat
Never use a heated tool on your hair without protecting it first! The flatiron might give you a gorgeous finish, but eventually you’ll get dry damaged hair if you don’t protect it first.

Come Up With Styles That Don’t Need Heat
It’ll help if you have a bunch of styles you can turn to when you don’t want to use heat on your hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, you should be able to create some of these styles easily!

Get a Regular Trim
You should still get regular trims even if you plan on growing your hair. Leaving split ends to fester for too long will make them continue up the hair shaft and you’ll end up with a badly damaged mane. Regular trims will keep it looking and feeling great. It doesn’t make it grow (that’s a big hair myth), but it’ll look better.

Do you have any tips that you love to use on your hair? Feel free to leave a comment. Keeping your hair in good condition actually doesn’t take much effort at all, so you have no excuse! Thanks for reading!

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