How To Plan An Awesome And Hassle-Free Girly Getaway*

Now and then, every girl needs some time out with her friends. If you have been slack when it comes to keeping up your friendships, it is time to make up for that with an awesome girly getaway. Girls' holidays can be an awful lot of fun, but they can also be a stress if you let the situation overwhelm you. Don't let yourself worry too much about the minor details. Instead, plan the basics of the trip and take things easy!

Choose who you should invite
This step is tricky, and so you need to keep things as simple as possible. Don't feel as though you need to invite everyone you have ever met. Choose a few girls, who already know each other, and ask them if they fancy a trip. You shouldn't put up with people inviting friends of friends. If everyone starts asking extra people along for the ride, you will end up with a massive group. When there are too many people making decisions about the break will be a nightmare.

Work around people's schedules
Everyone has their schedule that you need to consider. Of course, for me, it is easiest to go away in the school holidays. Your friends might have different restraints on their time. If they work with people who are parents, they might struggle to get first dibs on days off during school breaks. You should plan things well in advance so that everyone can get the time off they need.

Set an estimated budget
You need to be sensitive when it comes to discussing how much you will spend. Different people have different incomes, budgets and bills. You should probably ask people how much they can afford to pay for the holiday before you start making any definite plans.

Choose the holiday driver
Driving to your destination is a massive responsibility, and so you need to talk about whether anyone is willing to do it. If you choose someone to drive for you, you will find that you all save cash on getting there. Of course, you all need to pitch in when it comes to petrol for the car. You might want to give the driver a little extra for their troubles as well. Make a driving playlist so that you can all have a good old singalong on the way there.

Think about fun places to go
When you look at different destinations, you need to think about what is there for you to do. The perfect girls' holiday has to include a whole load of activities and fun things. If you guys adore the fun fair, for example, you might fancy heading for the Blackpool attractions. Talk it over and see what you all want to do. You should make a list of things you hope to experience and see on your break and try to fit them all into the trip.

Set some ground rules
When you go away with a group of girls, things can sometimes get a little messy. If you think that someone in the group might start an argument or bicker with the others, you need to have a word with them before the trip. In fact, if you all stick to some simple ground rules you can ensure that nobody has any nasty falling outs. If people start to have issues with each other, that will ruin the break for everybody.

Now that you know how to plan a fun girls' holiday, why are you waiting? Choose some friends to invite and give them a call. Once you start the ball rolling, you can begin looking at fantastic places to go.

Where would be your ultimate girly getaway destination?

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