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Hosting A Girly Dinner Party: Tricks To Make It Perfect*

Hosting a dinner party might sound like a lot of stress, but it is a fabulous way to spend some time with your girl mates. Don't worry if you don't have Jamie Oliver's skills in the kitchen. That doesn't matter when it comes to planning your girly party. So long as you keep everybody happy, you shouldn't stress all that much about what food you serve. If you want to plan an evening with your friends, use these tricks to make it perfect.

1. Make appetizers for your guests
When people come for a dinner party, they tend to starve themselves all day beforehand. That means that when they arrive at your house, they will be starving. I guess you won't serve dinner when people walk through the door. You will probably want some time with your guests so that you can all chat. You should make some little appetizers so that people have something to snack on while you all catch-up.

2. Set the table with cute name cards
You want the table to look fancy when people come for a party. You don't have to spend ages worrying about how to set it. All you need is some simple catering tablecloths, a couple of candles and some name cards. You can make the place settings yourself if you have a little spare time. Lighting some scented candles will mean that the atmosphere is ideal when people sit down at the table.

3. Have some conversation starters ready
The worst thing that can happen at any party is that the conversation runs dry. When there is an awkward silence in the room, it is your job to start the conversation back up again. You should plan things to say when there is a break. For example, you might want to ask one of your friends about a guy she is seeing or her new job. Asking people questions is an excellent way to get people talking. It takes the pressure off you to keep the conversation going because someone else will answer you.

4. Prepare most of your meal before people arrive
If, when your friends arrive, you spend all the time in the kitchen, you will have no fun at all. You are arranging this dinner so that you can hang out with your friends - not so that you can spend all evening slaving over a hot stove. You should make sure that you prepare something easy, like a stew or a hot pot so that it cooks itself. That way, all you need to do is get a pot out of the oven.

5. Get a range of drinks for people
You don't know what people will want to drink with their meals, and so you need to make sure that you offer people a range of choices. Head down to the supermarket and pick up juices, fizzy drinks, and a bottle or two of wine. That way, you can ask people what they want. Giving people just one option is not fair on them, so just try to think about what they usually drink and buy that.

6. Finish with a chocoholic dessert
What girl doesn't love a chocolate pudding? As the perfect end to a perfect night, you have to serve a delicious chocoholic dessert. Look up a recipe online and make something that you know your friends will adore. If you are not a dab hand in the kitchen, just cheat! You could buy a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and serve that. Either way, you know that your friends will love it. I hope these tricks help you to host a fab dinner party! Remember, as long as people enjoy the company, everything else will go to plan.

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