Fitness Friday: Why Changing A Little Can Achieve A Lot

There are literally thousands of ideas out there for losing weight and getting rid of excess fat. The internet is full of web pages promising fast results and healthier living. Sometimes, it feels like it might just be easier to stay a little bit squishy than to trawl through the millions of pages promising to be the one that works for you. We’ve all fallen for at least some of them. None of them are easy, and few of them have little lasting effect.

Of course, there are plenty of things that all of us can do to improve our figures and make our lives more healthy. Eating well is one of those things we all aspire to do, but sometimes a takeaway is the only way we will get a hot meal into us before midnight! Exercise is important too, but when it is pouring with rain and freezing cold outside, I’m not jogging for three miles! The answer lies in lifelong habits. Changing one or two things is more than enough for most of us, but if those changes form part of our ongoing lifestyle, maybe they really can make a difference.

Yoga classes are excellent ways to improve your mood as well as your posture. The stretching and breathing exercises really do work wonders to straighten you up and make you look slimmer without you having to lose any weight. Over time, you become more flexible and toned, and you may well lose a pound or two as your metabolism and digestion improve. The important thing is that it isn’t hard to do because you only do what your body is capable of. The off-putting thing about starting a weekly yoga class is the worry about what to wear. All that bending and stretching can certainly leave you vulnerable to a wardrobe malfunction. You can buy some great soft yoga pants and stretch tops that will avoid all embarrassments.

An easy to start idea for improving your diet is drinking fruit smoothies. They come pasteurised, so they last for a couple of months in the fridge. The best thing is they contain the whole fruit instead of just the juice, so you get the maximum nutrition. And they can work out a lot cheaper than buying a piece of fruit per glass as well. One glass with your dinner every day really can make you feel healthier straight away. A little bit of good inside you, regardless of which takeaway you just picked dinner up from!

Little changes you can do for the rest of your life are much easier than starting strict diets and punishing exercise regimes. Over time, you may pick up one or two more good habits, and before you know it you have become a fit and healthy guru of all things diet and exercise. While it may not be best to start anything you can’t realistically keep up through to old age, you shouldn’t back away from trying out new things in life. Give anything a go and who knows, you may just stick with it for life.

What little changes have you made in 2015?

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