Fitness Friday: Pro Fitness Dumbbells Review

So far this year when it came to doing workouts using weights I was using old barbell weights that were stashed away in my brother's old room after he moved out. This meant it wasn't possible for me to progress and build up the weight. I was going from a weight that was becoming too light, to a weight that I'd never be able to lift without injuring myself. I knew I had to invest in my own set of weights and started looking in the typical places for the typical bright coloured weights for women.
I was a bit put off by the price of some of the sets especially as they only had 2 or 3 different weights and a lot of them didn't have a wide enough range for them to last a long time and allow for progression. I was looking at Argos online thinking I'd buy something from the Davina line when I spotted the Pro-Fitness set on offer for only £9.99. Thankfully I brought my boyfriend along when I bought them. All of the weights together is pretty heavy and I'd have never made it back to the car without a red face, a few stops and probably an injury!
The set comes with 3 different pairs and a storage tree. The stand was easy to put together but isn't made of the best material - it seems a bit flimsy. None the less it stores them all together and doesn't look ridiculous in the corner of my room. They're not the nicest looking weights, the grey is a bit dull but that's just me being a typical girl. They're all really good quality, easy to hold and well worth the money. 

A new set of weights has given me a burst of motivation.
Would anyone like to see the arm workouts I've been loving with my new, heavier weight?


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  2. I love these things! They're easily the best dumbbells I've ever used. I used to own some wonky adjustable ones but they were awful.