Fitness Friday: Post Workout Essentials

Whether you're a regular or occasional gym-goer, sport and exercise can have a negative effect on your skin - think sweat patches, burning muscles and flushed faces. I've found 3 beauty products that have become my essentials for a post-workout routine. 

When I finish up a workout, either at home or at the gym, I can't always get straight to the shower and the So...? Rock Me Body Fragrance is perfect for a freshen up. This reminds me of something I'd use after PE at school but you can't go wrong with a So...? body spray. A mix of floral and fruity scents, it's not too strong and overpowering but it makes me feel a bit more confident carrying on with my day.

Working out regularly can take a toll on your skin and I've found in the past that my pores on my chest and back started to get clogged from dirt and perspiration. Activbod is a brand designed to help the body deal with the images of sport using natural ingredients and therapeutic fragrances. I've loved adding Pick Me Up Scrub to my post-workout shower to keep pores clean, stimulate my circulation and leave me feeling fresh. The fresh citrus scent is amazing too.

Heat and sweat can make skin sore and dry, add in a hot shower post-workout and I'm left with a flushed and dehydrated face. The Avene hydrating serum is perfect for both dry and oily skin to soothe any sensitivity and add moisture. It's great before reapplying makeup, or settling down to do my night time skin routine. Relieving irritation without blocking pores makes this the perfect post-workout beauty product.

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