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Alternatives To Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures can be a good thing. They can help burns victims gain some semblance of normality, for example, and give body-conscious people a boost to their self-confidence. But some people get a surgeon involved when they really don’t have to. There are so many scare stories about operations that go wrong, and the costs involved are so high. It all just makes it very risky. So, with this in mind, here are my alternatives to popular cosmetic improvements*.

Getting Fit
If you are feeling down about how you look, getting fit can help. Regular workouts are part of a healthy lifestyle and can give your mental wellbeing a boost. Whatever it is about your body that you don’t like, exercise will make you feel better about it, and give you a more confident outlook. It’s a far cheaper alternative to getting liposuction or having your stomach stapled, so give it a go!
Try your local gym. Lots of them run regular taster sessions for free to see if you like it. However, gyms can be quite intimidating, so you may feel like running, or swimming would be a better option. You can also work out at home. Have a look for some good exercise DVDs or investigate fitness apps. I wrote a blog post about how the exercise apps I use on my iPad, which you might find helpful.

Using Makeup
Instead of paying through the nose to cover up and hide those blemishes, why not learn to use makeup better? Books like Bobbi Brown’s are bibles for many women and will help you get the right look every time. And all for the fraction of the price of botox injections.

Teeth Whitening
Laser teeth whitening is an expensive dental treatment, and it isn’t something you would want to get done on the cheap. But if you have stained or darkened teeth that you don’t like, there are alternatives. A teeth whitening kit for home use isn’t expensive and as long as you follow the instructions properly, they should give you good results. I've got a review of a good one coming up soon!

If you are worried about getting bags under your eyes, just get more sleep. It is completely free, it refreshes you, and it rejuvenates you. Getting a good sleep routine will make you feel much better in the long run - and think more sensibly about getting a facelift.

Liking Yourself More
The key to steering clear of the cosmetic surgeon’s knife is to be happy about yourself. Sometimes, what we think about ourselves is directed towards one particular aspect of ourselves.

Even when somebody does have a cosmetic procedure, it might not make a difference to their overall happiness. They could soon direct those thoughts onto something else, and that is the start of a very negative cycle. There are a lot of high-profile cases of this happening - all you have to do is pick up a paper or magazine, or turn on the TV to find them.

Never forget that life is much more about feeling good than looking good. Because if you feel better, you will look better.

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