A Guide to Making Your Electronic Devices Look Much Prettier*

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that the electronic devices of today look very pretty. I always enjoy customising things so that they look different from everything else, so in this guide I’m going to talk about making your electronics look prettier! Use my tips and see what you think:

Decals are an awesome way to make your electronic devices look prettier. You can find decals for your iPad, iPhone, and pretty much any other electronic device you have. They’re much better than sticking any old sticker on there, as they are specially designed to be used on devices like yours. You can even get some that look really clever, like Homer Simpson eating the Apple logo. Homer might not be pretty, but he’s definitely cool!
Yep, remember how excited everyone was when charms for phones were first invented like way back in the 90s? Well, they’re still about today. You can get dangly charms, sparkly charms, charms in the shape of a tortoise...you name it! They now make tablet charms too, so you can pick a couple you like and make everything look beautiful.

Customised Cases
A customised case is essential for keeping your device safe. Not only that, you can use it to show off your personality and likes! Custom logo covers are a fab way to show off your favourite brand, or even your own brand if you have your own business. You can even make cases that show all of your favourite pictures. It’s up to you!

Changing the background of your device is easy, and something that you’ve probably already done. The only thing with having a picture you’ve taken yourself, is that it can look dull. If you want to use a picture you’ve taken, use an app like Afterlight to edit it and make it appear brighter and more noticeable. You could even add a filter. Failing that, search Google for something pretty. You’ll find something you love in no time!

Organise Apps
Instead of letting your apps hang around the screen all willy nilly, organise them. Make it so they have a purpose. Put them into groups so you know where to go for what you want to do. It’ll look much better and you’ll quickly learn where everything is.

I know this isn’t necessarily making your device look prettier, but it’s another good way to customise it so I thought I’d include it. Buy a tone you like on the appstore. It should probably be one you won’t get bored of too quickly, as those prices can add up fast. I even have my alarm tone set to a song I like so that it gets me up better in the morning.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this guide on making your electronic devices look much prettier. I never like my phone or tablet to look the same as someone elses, so I always use a few of these tips. Leave a comment if you have any that you’d like to share!

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