8 Essentials for a Spa Day

A day at the spa is the ultimate in girly pamper days but sometimes it's hard to know what to take with you. After an amazing day with my best friends I quickly realised the essentials to pack for a spa day, unfortunately I'd forgotten a couple and learnt through mistake.

1. Waterbottle
Whether you're getting a massage and need to flush out toxins or spending time in the hot tub or sauna you'll definitely need plenty of water to help keep you hydrated. Depending on your spa package you'll probably be given water but it's always good to have a spare on hand, especially to keep track of your intake. 

2. Invisibobble
Depending on how you're spending the evening you might want to keep your hair looking good and an invisibobble is excellent for this. I had my hair tided up in a bun whilst chilling in the hot tub and during my facial. The invisibobble meant I was able to take my hair down without any worries of kinks and messy hair.

3. Lipbalm
10minutes spent in the sauna and my lips were crying out for a lip balm. I'd recommend having one like an EOS lip balm on hand, not just tucked away in your locker for the end of the day.

4. Moisturiser
With chlorine in the swimming pool and the heat from the hot tub I was left with tight, dehydrated skin that was crying out for moisturiser. It's an easy one to forget, especially if you're booked in for a facial anyway.

5. Haribo
Depending on if lunch is included in your spa package or when your treatments are you might need something to keep you going. A couple of sweeties can keep the rumbling tummies at bay before a peaceful, relaxing massage. You can't go wrong with haribo!

6. Day Dress
After a treatment, or when you get out the pool, the last thing you'll want to put on is anything tight and heavy like a pair of jeans. A day dress that is light and floaty is a must for a spa day.                  

7. Flip Flops
When I was getting ready after my spa day I didn't want to put on my tights, I was still feeling hot and wanted to be able to cool down comfortably and a little pair of flip flops were perfect for popping on my feet when my spa slippers were handed over. They fit nicely in a handbag when you're not using them too.

8. Jumper
The heat of the spa can leave you feeling a bit chilly when you head outside and I recommend having a cosy jumper or cardigan packed for popping on just before you leave.

What's your favourite thing about a spa day, the treatments, the chill out time or gossiping?

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