Top Tips For Reducing The Mess Of Your Next Party*

Throwing a party at home can be one of the best nights of the year. OK, it may take a lot of planning and forward thinking, and you may have some pressure from your pals to better what came before. But taking on party planning is the least of your worries really. Parties are known to create enormous amounts of mess and waste, and you’ve only just bought that new sofa! Worse still, the impact on the environment can be pretty hefty for just one night in with thirty or so of your closest pals and their partners.
With a little bit of careful consideration, you can dramatically reduce the amount of waste you will be chucking out. Kerbside collections of rubbish that is recyclable are incredibly helpful. They will have a huge part to play in your attempt at throwing an environmentally friendly party, so let’s start there. Your recycling containers are not likely to be able to stow enough of the bottles and cans you will be getting through, so grab yourself a few reusable containers of a good size. These can be old cardboard boxes, or even new plastic crates you can use for something else after the party. Print out some great party themed signs on paper and stick them on to indicate what goes where. The signs will be recyclable too!

Decorations can be home-made from paper, or you can pick biodegradable latex balloons that you can personalise or customise. There are plenty of options. Even if you are buying bits from the party store, the good quality ones are reusable. Borrow extra plates rather than buying anything non-recyclable. The same goes for cutlery. Glasses that are a bit more delicate may be a problem. Instead, look at recyclable cups and faux glasses that can be washed up and reused.
Party food often comes in bags we just can’t recycle, and they very quickly fill up our bins. Making food from scratch sounds like a huge undertaking but is really much easier and quicker than you think. Party food tends to be small nibbles and crisps and making these in bulk can be done in just a few batches with some basic ingredients. As food waste can be collected at the kerbside, you can prepare a very green buffet quite easily. Check out some great recipes online for really yummy party foods, and then give yourself a night in the kitchen to work through them.

Finally, when the party is over, you may find your recycling containers chockablock. Most kerbside pickups will take the lot, providing you have it organised for a quick collection. As you have labelled up your containers in advance, you should be able to pop them straight out on the street on recycling day. Of course, your collections agents may have a bit of a grumble. The good thing about how you have collected your waste up is that you can get it down to the bottle bank or recycling centre really easy to dispose of responsibly yourself. Enjoy the party, and be proud of doing your bit for the environment too!

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